A Quick Guide On How to change Auto Lock On iphone

A Quick Guide On How to change Auto Lock On iphone

The iPhone’s Auto-Lock function and feature was created to conserve battery power and guard against the potential that others could use your open gadget.While the default Auto-Lock setting aids in power conservation, it might not be appropriate for all people or situations. When using the iPhone’s Hands Free Call feature, for instance, you might wish the screen to remain active for a lengthy span of time.

What Does the iPhone and iPad’s Auto-Lock Do?

In order to protect iPhone battery capacity and prohibit unauthorised users from using your unlocked iPhone, Auto-Lock, also known as Sleep mode, fades the screen after a predetermined period of time. Until you turn off Auto-Lock, a screen timeout is activated after a predetermined number of minutes or seconds. The iPhone will darken the screen in a similar manner to how your computer goes to sleep after a predetermined length of time in order to preserve battery life. So how to change auto lock on iphone?

What Does the iPhone and iPad's Auto-Lock Do?

If your iPhone’s screen is regularly going off, and you want to know how to change auto lock on iphone, follow the instructions underneath to adjust the auto-lock settings so that it remains active for a longer amount of time.

Alter the auto-lock settings on an iPad or iPhone

Whenever the iPhone is opened and left idle for a min, the default option instructs the device to simply turn off its screen.

Let’s find out how to change auto lock on iphone.

In these circumstances, you may lengthen the Auto-Lock Period on your iPhone or iPad or iPod to stop the display from regularly going off. You can completely stop the iPhone screen from turning off on its own if necessary.

The Do’s and Don’ts

The Do's and Don'ts

To increase battery capacity and protect your data, Apple offers Auto-Lock on its iPhones as well as other gadgets.

  • Make sure to maintain a check on your phone and recharge it frequently if you have your screen set to remain on at all times.
  •  When you’re out and about,  think about putting a portable battery pack.
  • As a substitute to Never, set your device for the most period prior to actually Auto-Lock (five minutes).
  • Instead of Never, set your phone to Auto-Lock for the most time possible (five minutes). By doing this, you can avoid many of the inconveniences associated with often accessing your device while still protecting the charge.

The display of your iPhone will remain lit while it is in use. Unfortunately, some actions, such as starting a stopwatch, are not considered activities in the context of the iPhone; as a result, the display will continue to black out and you won’t be able to determine how long time is left until you change your display settings.

Thankfully, you can change the iPhone screen timeout so that it stays on for much more. Here’s how to modify the iPhone’s screen timeout and how to change auto lock on iphone.

Modify the iPhone’s auto-lock timeout

Modify the iPhone's auto-lock timeout

  1. Raise the Auto-Lock Time on your device, and the issue of your iPhone screen regularly turning off will be resolved.
  2. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock, then choose 2 minutes or any other time period that best suits your needs on the next screen.
  3. After that, you’ll see that your phone’s display will turn off after two minutes of operation. If you feel that this time frame is insufficient, you can extend the Auto-Lock period to 3, 4, or 5 minutes.

Stop the iPhone’s screen from going off

  1. If necessary, you may stop your iPhone’s screen from turning off dynamically by choosing the Never feature under Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock.
  2. Your iPhone’s screen will then stay on and available for usage until you actively turn it off. It won’t be able to turn off on its own.
  3. Note that disabling auto screen switching on iPhone models can reduce battery capacity. This is how to change auto lock on iphone.

iPhone’s Auto-Lock Option Is Grayed Out

iPhone's Auto-Lock Option Is Grayed Out

How to change auto lock on iphone and what to do if your auto-lock option is grayed out.

On occasion, you may not be able to adjust the Auto-Lock Time on your iPhone because the choice has turned grayed out.

The majority of the time, this occurs as a result of iPhone being in Low Power Mode, which pushes the Auto-Lock Time on iPhone to stay at the earliest possible time (30 seconds).

Turning off Low Power Mode is all that is necessary to prevent Auto-Lock from becoming grayed out. You may activate Siri by telling her to “Turn off Low Power Mode” if you use our advice on how to activate Hey Siri. Or, you can directly disable Low Power Mode.When you return to the Auto-Lock setting after turning off Low Power Mode, you can modify the time to your liking.

  • You can deactivate Low Power Mode on your iPhone or link it to a charger if the Auto-Lock Option is Grayed Out.
  • By heading to Settings > Battery and switching the toggle next to Low Power Mode to the OFF Position, you may manually turn off Low Power Mode on an iPhone.
  • You need to be in a position to modify the iPhone’s Auto-Lock Setting after removing Low Power Mode.
  • Remember to switch back to Auto-Lock after you’re done if you temporarily set your iPhone’s display to always be on. A fast method to drain your power and offer anybody who takes up your iphone accessibility to your applications is to leave your device set to Never.

 Auto-lock not Functioning

 Auto-lock not Functioning

Following an iOS 16 upgrade or the installation of a third-party app, many users have begun to experience the iPhone auto-lock not functioning. We can assist if you’re among them. In this article, we’ll discuss 7 possible fixes for the auto-lock feature on iPhones so you can rest easy knowing the screen will be turned off while you’re not using it.

How to change auto lock on iphone and 7 solutions if auto lock feature is not working.

  • Solution 1: Re-enable Auto-Lock on iPhone/iPad
  • Solution 2: Switch Off AssistiveTouch on Your iPhone
  • Solution 3 : Deactivate Low Power Mode if iPhone Auto-Lock Grayed Out
  • Solution 4: Reset Settings
  • Solution 5: disable the passcode and then re-enable it
  • Solution 6: force the iPhone or iPod to restart
  • Solution 7: Fix Auto-Lock Never Missing on iPhone with Exchange Administrator

Final Words

One of the most dependable functions of an iPhone or iPad is auto-lock. In addition to preserving battery life, it will prevent unwanted users from using your phone, giving you complete privacy. For those who are not aware, the Auto-lock feature locks the screen automatically after a short period of inactivity. It goes without saying that you’ll be irritated if auto-lock on your iPhone stops functioning. Rather than freaking out over the scenario, use the aforementioned techniques to cure the iPhone auto-lock problem and maintain your security round-the-clock. Hope now you know how to change auto lock on iphone .