Applications Used For Secretly Recording Audio On iPhone 

Applications Used For Secretly Recording Audio On iPhone 

In this modern world, if you want to convince anyone about anything, they won’t believe you until and unless you give them proper proof or evidence. There must be such incidents in everyone’s life where they wish they could have a hidden audio recorder since there are so many moments in their life when they need a witness but don’t have it. No one uses any secret audio recorder in this technologically advanced era, instead of that everybody prefers to use a secret audio recorder app on their smartphones. This is just because they constantly carry their smartphones with them, which is very usual and convenient rather than using a secret audio recorder device which is very inconvenient and suspicious.

Some people are unaware about how to secretly record audio on iPhone. Although you can directly record any audio from your inbuilt Audio recording app, there’s a problem with using this normal audio recorder. If you try to record secretly in front of anyone your screen will be on and the person will understand the complete matter. For this reason using a secret audio recorder is very necessary.

How to secretly record audio on iPhone using different applications?

Applications used for secretly recording audio on iPhone

If you want to record any normal voice you can simply record it in the “Voice Memo” app which is a pre-installed app available on every iPhone. But you can’t record secretly using this app. Many people are bothered about how to secretly record audio on iPhone.  There are many secret audio recording apps which are available on the App store which will make things easier for you. Here we have listed some of the best audio recording apps which you can use to record any audio secretly.

Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Recorder Pro app is one of the best alternative audio recording applications for your iPhone. You can set up the starting time and ending time of your audio recorder which will help you to record voice stealthily. Simply open the app and click the record icon. After choosing the starting time and ending time simply click the record icon and your recording will be started on the scheduled time. In this way, starting an audio recording doesn’t even require picking up your iPhone. So no one will suspect you during the recording process. Your iPhone screen can remain locked while the recording is going on, and the notification of the app won’t appear on the Lock screen. Some good features of this app are listed below.

  • Pre-scheduled audio recording system is available which is very helpful to record secretly in front of anyone.
  • Recording can be edited easily. For example changing Playback speed, removing background noise etc.
  • Even if the audio recording is on there will be no notification on the Lock screen.
  • Recorded audio can be directly saved into iCloud for future reference.
  • Options for setting passwords are there to protect your vital recordings.

If this application seems tricky to you and if you are still confused, how to secretly record audio on iPhone. Then the next application will surely help you.

Smart Recorder and Transcriber

Smart Recorder and Transcriber is the perfect application if you’re seeking a secret audio recorder with a reliable transcribing feature. You can simply record any audio and transcribe it without being caught, as well as edit and transfer, and edit the recording. In fact, many people think it’s much better than iOS devices’ default Voice Memos app. For a better understanding, let’s look at the main features of this application.

Smart Recorder and Transcriber

  • If you start audio recording and press the power on/off button it will still continue recording in off display.
  • If you are browsing any other app background recording won’t stop and it will continue recording.
  • Pause and Resume recording options are available.
  • Recordings can be directly saved in iCloud or iTunes.
  • Since it has no time limit, until the storage gets full audio recording won’t stop.
  • Easy to launch and has a good user interface.

Voice recorder, audio recorder

It’s a free audio recording application that is available on the App store. With high-quality audio recording technology, you can easily record audio secretly on your iPhone and share your recordings to any person by saving them as voice notes. The high-quality (8-41.1KHz sample rate) that this app offers will give you the best recording experience imaginable. Some features of this application are –

  • This application is very easy to operate and it has a straightforward user interface.
  •   High-quality audio recorder with a good range of surroundings.
  • A rapid launch and an easy user interface.
  • This application also provides tools for calibrating audio intensity with all the extra necessary features.

Awesome Voice Recorder

If you are worried about how to secretly record audio on your iPhone then Awesome Voice Recorder is preferably the best-hidden Audio recording app for your iPhone. In practical use, it also works with Apple Watch and this app is easily available on the App store. It can very smartly record audio stealthily in the background while browsing on other apps and has an excellent recording quality. When the battery is low, there isn’t enough storage, or there are unexpected calls, the program safely stops recording and saves the recorded audio. Some significant characteristics of this application are mentioned below.

  • Both mono and stereo audio recording options are available.
  • Wave analyzer is given for pitch reading of the audio.
  • Background Audio recording while using other applications is possible.
  •  Reduces the unwanted background noise of the audio and makes it crystal clear.
  • Audio files can be directly saved into iCloud.


These are the top audio recording applications that are very useful and I hope it’s now clear how to secretly record audio on iPhone. Some people think that recording someone’s audio without their concern is illegal which is sort of true but if any problem arises then for self-defending purposes you can use that audio. Many people still use audio recording devices, but it’s time to switch to a smartphone app instead of using complex audio recording devices such as an audio recording pen, bracelet, etc. The apps which are mentioned above are one of the most genuine apps which are able to record audio secretly even when the phone’s screen is off and run in the background. iPhone users can easily choose any app from the list of our secret audio recorders.