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6 Best Emulators For Low-End Pcs Without Graphics Card

What Is Best Emulators For Low-end Pcs Without Graphics Card? Android games have gained an enormous amount of popularity, exceeding that of desktop games. New developments and features are being added every few days to keep the users engaged and interested. Along with the evolving features and complexity, new versions of the games are launched for the users so very often. 

Games like Pubg, free fire, and call of duty are among those that have gained enormous popularity over time. Looking at it from a customer’s viewpoint, satisfaction is never achieved with just what you are provided. With the easy accessibility to the android games through the play store, people also desired ways to enjoy on bigger screens to enhance the gaming experience. Thank the techs for the Android emulators that made this possible. 

Simply speaking emulators are these software pieces that’ll allow you to run your Android apps on a Windows computer. Now you can enjoy your Android games on a bigger screen with better visualisation, a long time without the device heating up and you wouldn’t need to buy any extra device to do so. Emulators are also good for browsing TV shows on your PC. 

Aside from gaming emulators are used for two other reasons : 

● Development 

Test runs for new apps before launch are done on different devices by the App developers and Game developers. Emulators are useful for this purpose. 

● Productivity 

Gaming emulators can be made to work as productivity emulators up to some extent. 

Now, as we come to the part of choosing which emulators to use it gets confusing yet again. Like any other tech product in the market, the range of choice for emulators is also wide. Different brands have launched their versions with slight variations from the others. Among these most Android emulators require medium to high-end characteristics such as large RAM and an efficient processor to run smoothly. These features are found generally on high-end PCs. Not everyone’s a competitive gamer who’d invest a large amount of money for a high-end PC or a developer who owns all the fancy tech gadgets. 

If you’re among the average users with low-end PCs looking for a different experience using the Android apps or a newbie developer with a budget, worry not there are always options for everyone. In this article, we have listed the best emulators that’ll work on your low-end PCS without a graphics card. 

6 Best Emulators For Low-End Pcs Without Graphics Card

● Nox Player Emulator 

● MEmu Emulator 

● Droid4X player Emulator 

● LeapDroid Emulator 

● KO player Emulator

● SmartGaga Emulator 


nox player emulator

Nox player makes for a great choice as an android emulator. It is available for both Windows and Mac users. Nox player provides a smooth and fast user experience that works excellently on low-end PCs so you can enjoy your Android apps on the big screen without any complications. 

With 2GB of RAM, it can easily run-on Windows XP, Vista,7,8and 10. The emulators come loaded with impressive features providing users more control. The option to set custom control for keyboards, mouse, joystick, etc. is an amazing feature for gamers. 

DirectX and OpenGL graphic features of the software can be used for tuning the Android device’s specifications. 


● Free 

● Fast and smooth work experience with minimum lagging 

● Compatibility with DirectX and OpenGL 

● Customization options for various controllers like keyboards, joysticks, etc ● Efficient multitasking supports 

● Screen capture feature 



Among the low-requirement emulators, you’ll also find MEmu. It focuses on gaming more than other Android apps. The basic requirements for running the MEmu emulator are a minimum of 2GB RAM and 5GB storage, dual-core intel, or an AMD processor. It’s a good option for both Windows and Mac users. 

Other than the key features of compatibility with touchscreen and game controllers, it also has great graphic features. 


● Free. 

● High-end performance even with more productivity apps. 

● Allows running of various games at the same time. 

● Control support of keyboard, mouse, and joysticks for better gameplay. 



Droid4x emulators, with the minimum requirement of 1GB RAM and the basic intel or AMD processor run on all low-end PCs. With no special software requirements, it is easy and efficient making it a good choice for Android emulators. 

Using the Droid4X emulator, besides gaming you can explore other Android apps, surf videos, etc on the big screen with ease. Developers can test run apps on various devices using the Droid4X emulator. 


● Free to use. 

● Provides the option to custom set controllers, keyboards, gamepads, etc. ● Allows you to record the screen or take snapshots. 

● Easy affiliation with touch screen 

● Apps can be installed easily through the emulator. 



LeapDroid makes for an efficient emulator for low-end PCs without graphics cards. This lightweight emulator comes loaded with features enabling users a smooth virtual set up on the PC. 

LeapDroid emulator comes with the basic requirements of 2GB RAM, dual-core intel, or an AMD processor. Free to use, this emulator provides users with the option to create two separate emulator profiles at the same time. 

You’ll also find the key mapping feature on LeapDroid which will help you map keyboard and mouse buttons to the game making it easier to play on laptops. This feature may need some practice to get used to though the company provides tutorials on how to set up and use Keymapping 


● Easy installation and simple to use 

● Works well with Android gaming apps and productivity apps as well 

● Key Mapping requires a little patience to work with but forms a key feature. ● Faster response time than most Android emulators. 

● Option to create and use multiple emulator profiles at the same time. 



KO player is among the powerful Android emulators that can be used on low-end PCs. It helps you enjoy various Android apps on your PC with great ease. The software requirements are pretty basic for this emulator with 2GB RAM and an Intel or AMD processor. 

Custom setup for controllers and easy compatibility with various versions of Windows makes it one of the best Android emulators for low-end PCs without graphics cards. KO player comes with Google play by default making app installation easier. 


● Feature to use multiple accounts 

● Control customization 

● Various Android games are played easily 

● Excellent display features. 

● Screen capture and recording feature 



SmartGaga is among the most popular Android emulators for low-end PCs. It is powered by turbo GPU technology thus; you can run a variety of games and apps smoothly.

Memory consumption by the emulator is low, reducing the machine load and increasing efficiency. 

In the above list, we have mentioned some of the best Android emulators for low-end PCs without graphics support. While the article lists out the best available options for your certain things should be considered before making the choice on which emulator to go for. 

Finding the most suitable Android emulator for your PC isn’t the toughest decision. Keeping a few features in mind when making the choice will suffice. 

Things to consider 

● Brand 

● Quality of Android emulator 

● Features 

● Size 

● Ease of use 

● Design 


There are numerous options available in the market though not all of them will suffice your need. 

We’ve mentioned some of the brands you can swear by to provide quality service so that you won’t make the mistake of skimping on them. 


Whatever product you get, quality always makes for an important factor in making the choice. When looking for Android emulators for low-end PCs, performance expectations are mostly on the down-low. It also depends greatly on your processor. 


The various Android emulators mentioned all come with some other special feature that makes them different. You need to know what you desire most and make the choice accordingly. 

We’ve mentioned all the features that are provided by the emulators above. 


When talking about emulators for low-end PCs, product size has to be considered. Software occupying a large amount of space will hinder the functioning of your device, slowing it down. 


In the pretence of adding more and more features to improve the quality of the product, some brands tend to complicate them. The emulator should be easy to set up and work with without complications with features that are easy to understand. 


Android emulators for low-end PCs have different designs and graphic features. If you are looking for an emulator primarily for gaming look through the tools and graphic options provided before making the choice. 


Technology is an ever-evolving industry with a new feature introduced every other day. With this, there are limited available options when you look for software compatible with the older versions of devices. 

We have compiled the list for you with the best available options of Android emulators for low-end PCs without graphics cards as well as some added features to help you make the most suited choice. This should be kept in mind that the efficiency of this software will vary depending on your system. 

You can go through these options, run them on your PCs and choose one that works best for you.