Can AirPods survive the washing machine

Can AirPods Survive The Washing Machine? Easy Method & Tricks

AirPods survive the washing machine? AirPods are waterproof and they have a rating of IPX4. But they also have some limitations. One of them is the limit to which they can tolerate external factors. They have a water resistance certification, but that is under some limitations. Even then, they can face some issues with the wet surroundings. For example, if AirPods remain in your trousers and they are put into a washing machine. So today, we will look at some of the methods that can assist you in keeping the AirPods working. There are some methods or tricks, that can help you make AirPods survive extreme conditions.

Can AirPods Survive The Washing Machine? Easy Method To Safe Your Airpods

Methods To Keep Your AirPods Dry

Matter of fact, AirPods can survive the washing machine for close to 1 hour. After that, it needs to be in safe hands for proper handling and treatment for survival: –

  • Take a piece of cloth (most preferable microfiber cloth). Now, use this cloth to clean up the AirPods in a proper way. Take care of every part of the AirPods and do a thorough cleaning. This process will remove any tiny amount of water that can affect the AirPods after being in a washing machine.
  • Now, as a second method, after you take out your AirPods from the washing machine, do not charge them. Try not to put them in front of any hair dryer or blower. Try not to put them in the charging dock or your ears. Now, try to keep it in a dry place for at least a minimum of 12 hours. 
  • As a last method, you can take the assistance of silica gel bags to dry off your AirPods after their encounter with a washing machine.

Now all the above methods will take care of your AirPods after their tour in your washing machine.

AirPods Durable Nature

Now, as a fact, AirPods have a durable strength to survive a 10-feet height. So is the case with water. There have also been cases when people intentionally take their AirPods with them for a swim or an adventure trip. After the fun, the AirPods survive the ordeal. Sometimes, people also forget their AirPods on their clothes and then find them working properly, after the deep cleaning process. 

On the other hand, people also do experiments by drying the AirPods with unfair means. Sometimes users also clean up their dirty AirPods with running tap water, which can also be harmful at times. So, it is advisable to avoid doing such things with your AirPods. 

Step-By-Step Process To Try Your Airpods

For a step-by-step process to clean your wet AirPods, you can go through the following steps that are in a sequence for your convenience: –

  • Take the AirPods and keep them in the open and dry place for some time.
  • Now, clean the AirPods with a soft cloth.
  • Now, keep them in some dry and warm place like in front of the sunlight for some time.
  • After that keep them in between packs of silica gel for at least 12 hours. It will take away all the remaining moisture from the AirPods. 

Note: the above steps can also be useful if your AirPods are in your AirPods charging case and then face the horrifying experience in your washing machine.

Now, the above steps will ensure that AirPods survive the experience with your washing machine. Now, there is additional info that, even if AirPods survive the occasional water dip, it cannot be a sign that they can survive a cruel water attack. So, it is advisable to keep your AirPods safe in their charging case. Now, as an additional advantage, try to fix one or two places where you can keep your AirPods after use. It will avoid the occasional accidents that can occur with your AirPods, just like the one with the washing machine, while being in your trousers or jacket pockets. 

Or, as an extra precaution, you can put your AirPods or the entire charging case with your AirPods inside them, into a small plastic bag to protect your AirPods and their case from water damage.

Now, you can use the methods or tips, given in this article to safeguard your AirPods. The steps are easy to perform for anyone with no technical knowledge. So, now you can enjoy your AirPods, without any scare of damaging them in a washing machine.