Anyone can easily safeguard their security as well as restrict your somebody’s access to select applications on your iPhone and iPad by hiding particular mobile applications.somebody can also wish to hide apps on their iPhone if, for instance, the icon on the homepage is taking up too much room and you would like to free up a lot of memory without removing any apps. Applications on iPhone and iPad cannot completely be hidden or revealed using iOS devices. Nevertheless, we discovered methods for hiding your apps without the aid of any other programmes. If you want to acknowledge how to hide or unhide apps on iphone ipad then you are at right place .

In comparison to Android, iPhone and iPad do not completely hide application,rather it partially hides an app and you just won’t be able to search it on your device. Users can do this to safeguard thier security by removing any program. 

So, how to hide or unhide apps on iphone ipad? 

You can keep an app in your app library by hiding it from your home screen after choosing it from the Action menu. The most popular method for removing an app off the iPhone Home screen is this one. Let us answer your question with five different methods. 


Method 1 :- 

To hide an app from Home screen

Step 1: Touch and hold the app icon which you want to hide from your home screen, then  Remove App will display from the Action menu and select it.

Step 2: Select Remove from Home Screen out from second choice that displays. That application would instantly vanish off the Homepage, however it will remain in the Application Collection.

Additionally,only you may now  have easily access to already installed applications that will only appear to you in the App Library rather than the Home screen. To do this, select App Library Only under Settings > Home Screen.

Method 2 :-

To unhide an app from Home screen


Step 1: First, just swipe left on the Main screen and then you will see the App Library. 

Step 2: you can see that in your all library all the apps are automatically arranged . Now swipe up and down to find the app that is currently hidden from your Home screen. When you get it, touch and hold the app, to bring it to theHome Screen. The app will become visible once again and return to the Home screen.

 Step 3 :- After reaching the “Edit Pages” panel, all of your pages are presented as thumbnails. To eliminate the check mark from the circle under the page you want to hide, tap it. After which later Confirmed there in the top right corner of the page. The page will be deleted or hidden from the Home screen along with all of the apps it contains, but the apps will still be kept in your App Library.

To unhide a pages of app:-

Follow the instructions carefully this time to reach the Edit Pages screen. When there, tap the circle next to the hidden page you want to unhide. The page and all of the apps it contains will reappear on your Home screen after you tap Done.

Method 3 : 

Hide apps on Home screen using folders 

  1.  Utilizing groups to arrange ones iPhone’s Main display’s abundance of app icons is a smart move. The applications are not truly hidden when they are combined into a folder, but they are concealed and harder to find or remove.
  2. On your iPhone’s Homepage, first pressing and holding an empty space until all of the apps begin to wiggle.
  3. Move the app onto the other application you wish to combine it with in step two. The folder containing the icons for the programmes will appear as a grey icon whenever the symbols for two applications are almost touching. Based on the applications you include in the directory, Apple will dynamically make one up.


Method 4 :- 

Using Screen Time

You may use screen time on an iPhone to conceal various default programmes, including Safari, FaceTime, Camera, iTunes Store, and others. One has the option to restrict access to certain apps and to make their symbols disappear from your Home screen, App Library, and search bar.

First, open the Settings application and select Screen Time.

If Time On screen is not already turned on, you must do so.

Activate Screen Time

Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions once you arrive at the Time On screen screen. Tap Allowed Apps after turning Content & Privacy Restrictions on.

Disable the apps you want to keep away your iPhone on the Authorized Apps screen.

Method 5 :- 

Disable and conceal the apps

Continue the aforementioned steps to unhide and activate the app; when you arrive at the Allowed Apps tab, switch on the app you wish to unhide and enable access to.

iPhone users can still find an application after hiding this from their main screen by using the search function or mobile app. Except for utilising Screen Time to temporarily disable the app, there is no method to remove an app from the App Library. It’s fantastic news that applications can be hidden from the iPhone’s search bar without being disabled. The steps are listed below.

Step 1: Select Siri & Google from the App settings.

select Siri & Lookup.


Step 2: Slide vertically and horizontally on the Siri & Search screen until you discover the application you wish to keep hidden on your iPhone, then click it.

Step 3: Toggle “Show App in Search” Off under the “ON HOME SCREEN” box. This will prevent the application from coming up when the user types its name into the search field.

Simply follow the directions previously again and enable “Show App in Search” to make the application visible within the search box.



And these are the simplest methods for hide or unhide apps on iphone ipad. Both will enable you to decide how other people can view on your smart phone and even stop them from invading your security.