How do AirPods charge so fast

How Do AirPods Charge So Fast? Easy Factors

How Do AirPods Charge So Fast? AirPods have the great advantage of being compact and easy to mobile. But there are some factors that make it a great product from Apple. The one huge advantage is the capability of the AirPods to have a good battery backup, and it can work for 5 hours on one full charge. Their box is also a storage place for the charge. So that when they run out of charge, then you can put them in the box, and then they can get charged.

The simplicity of having a microphone in your ears without any wires makes it a user-friendly product. But, at times, it can also have some issues. Among those issues, you can find some confusing situations. At times you will find your AirPods being able to charge quickly. It can be an issue and can be a sign of some errors and problems with your AirPods. To clear this confusion, we can follow some simple methods that can be helpful.

AirPods Can Charge At A Fast Pace. But why?

How long do airpods take to charge? One of the reasons for your AirPods getting charged rapidly can be due to some reasons like a faulty battery. They have a small battery that can store energy. They also have a lithium-ion battery that assists in reducing resistance.

The reasons that AirPods can charge at a fast pace can have various reasons. But the main one is the size of the AirPods. The device has a small size and so all the parts are tiny. It causes them to have small room for the passage of charge between the battery and the circuit.

The small size of the battery also ensures that the battery has a high holding capacity than a normal cell which we use in our remote controls for various electronic devices. The unit of power, that is Watt, plays an important role in the equation of power which is a net result of energy transferred divided by time. In this equation, power is in Watt, time is in seconds, and energy is measured in Joules. It also signifies that a higher value of power means a greater amount of energy.

In terms of AirPods, the charge they hold is higher in newer generations than the older ones. The second generation of AirPods has a capacity of 5 hours of playback in a single full charge and 24 hours along with the charging pod. It can be seen by having a look at the wattage written suitable for them, which is 93 mWh and the charging pod has a capacity of 1.520 MWh. But the third generation has a capacity of 6 hours on a single complete charge and 30 hours along with the charging pod.     

The How Factor For The Apple AirPods Charging At A Fast Pace

How come airpods charge so fast? The technology, which AirPods use to charge themselves, is very interesting. The moment you put your AirPods in the charging pods, then they start charging. Now, the charging pod will draw a normal charge from the charger when it is closed and charging your AirPods. But it will draw a higher and faster charger for a few minutes when you keep it open while your AirPods are docked in.

When your AirPods reach 20% charge after that your charging pod will start to charge them at a slower pace. This will be done until your AirPods battery reaches a level of 90%. Now, when you are not using your AirPods and they are idle. At such a moment also, it is discharging at a slower rate. So even in that state, the charging pod will charge your device at the same pace as your device is losing charge. It is a trickle charge and the discharge is called self-discharge. But even this technology gives you 5 hours of charge in one go.

But all of this procedure will need only 2.5 W of charge in total, which is tiny when compared to today’s standard.

Time which Can Be Saved By The AirPods Fast Charging Speed

Now if we look at the time which AirPods take to full charge is also less. The AirPods takes about half an hour to a full charge when it has no charge left. On the other hand, the charging pod takes around 90 minutes to fully charge.

So in total it takes around two hours for the AirPods and charging to get charged completely. Now, that is not bad as today, even computers take around 90 minutes to 120 minutes for a full charge. But here is a catch. The charging pod starts charging only when your completely discharged AirPods reach a minimum charge of 20 %. So this is because they need that much charge to communicate with the charging pod.

But all of this also explains the fact that technology is evolving day by day. It will need you to take good care of your devices so that their battery and they last long. But with age, the battery starts to die. It is evident from the fact that an empty battery starts to charge quickly. It is because an empty battery has less resistance towards the incoming charge than a charged one. So if your AirPods battery is charging quickly, it means that it is time for a thorough check-up for your device.

It can also result in some malfunction as your AirPods will also start to have less charge holding capacity and the quick charge flow can also do some damage to the circuit which is close-knit. If you want to know how to find the dead airpods visit this page


How long can Apple AirPods second generation run for in one complete charge?

On one complete charge, Apple Airpods second generation can run for 5 hours in one complete charge. Along with the case, they can get 24 hours of run time in one complete cycle.

Does Apple AirPods support fast charging?

This article can give you a complete detailed explanation of the charging technique of the Apple AirPods. It explains the plus points of the charging technology of AirPods also.

How long can Apple AirPods third generation run for in one complete charge along with AirPod charging case?

Apple AirPods third generation can run for 6 hours on one complete charge and along with the charging pod, they can go for 30 hours non-stop.


So all the above points explain bout the charging process of the Apple AirPods. These also do show that technology cannot extend or stop the devices from aging. They are bound to deteriorate in quality at some point in time. There will also be signs, which will indicate, when is the right time to either change your device or some of its crucial components.