How Much To Install 220v Outlet

How Much To Install 220v Outlet

In this article we will be explaining about how much to install 220v outlet , whether it is beneficial or not and how it is better than other power supplying outlets.

A 220v outlet is a very powerful high voltage electric socket which provides us alternating current ( AC ) power. Although 220v outlet is mainly used in Industrial area but it is also used for household uses. Normally a power of 20 ampere per circuit  is provided for household connections whereas for industrial or factorial use the power is increased and with an additional power which is 50 ampere per circuit a good amount of power is provided.

Benefits of using 220v outlet rather than 110v outlet:

Before knowing about how much to install 220v outlet let’s see how 220v is better than 110v.

The use of 220v outlet over 110v outlet has a number of advantage.

  • The system as a whole will firstly generate less heat. 
  • 220v outlet allows less power to pass through the wire to reach the gadget, which means resistance is also less which means less power is lost as heat.
  • Because less resistance is needed in 220v outlet than 110v outlet, thinner cables are needed, which is also very pocket friendly to use.
  • Usage of 220v outlet is very essential for using large appliances like Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Washing machine,Water pumps etc. This appliances consume a huge amount of energy. For this reason they also generate large amount of heat but this circuit restricts the rate of energy supply at which the system gets a time to cool down.
  • Compared to 110v outlet, 220v outlet circuits are significantly more reliable. This will make it possible for connected devices to start up a little more quickly without any problem.
  • 220v outlets and 110v outlets are technically quite similar although they are very different in terms of practical overview. They need various sockets, outlets, switches, transistors, and other parts to be made and used.
  • 220v outlets appear significantly bigger in the US than 110v outlets and they do not fit properly in normal outlets. This is done on purpose because using the wrong outlet can damage a device’s electronics.
  • In household use , 220v outlet is mainly used is plugging oven , exhaust fan etc. This gadgets  can’t be used in 110v outlet.

These are some of the advantages of 220v outlet. Now before thinking about how much to install 220v outlet, its better to know about the disadvantages of this 220v outlet.

Disadvantages of using 220v outlet :

Although 220v outlet have several advantages but this outlet has few disadvantages too.

Some disadvantages of using 220v outlet are discussed below. 

  • Although the wires which are used for this circuit is thinner and cheaper but the overall cost for the setup of 220v outlet is too expensive. We will see how much to install 220v outlet.
  • Since a large amount of voltage supply is seen in 220v outlet it because quite dangerous. If proper safety precautions are not taken it could be very deadly.
  • If any less energy consuming gadget is connected to the 220v outlet there is a chance of disruption of circuit may happen.

If you are still interested and thinking about how much to install 220v outlet, then you might be satisfied by the mentioned advantages and the disadvantages are not bothering you at all.

How much to install 220v outlet and is it worth it? :

Now let’s discuss about how much to install 220v outlet. As we have discussed that overall it is quite expensive but is it really worth it!! lets see.

We all  know very well that most people are a little wary of electricity projects in their house and would prefer to hire an expert electrician rather doing such dangerous work by themselves. Some people overthink about the fact that how much to install 220v outlet,  they think it will be pretty expensive, and try to do that without hiring any electrician, which is a very big mistake. Professional electricians are among the busiest of the construction trades professionals. In general, this is a wise investment because a skilled and expert electrician will complete the task correctly and usually much more quickly than you can. But it’s crucial to be aware of the fees associated with hiring a professional in order to prevent unwanted surprises. Depending on the expertise level of the electrician who does your service and where you reside, if you live in urban area electrician may charge you higher price whereas if you live in sub urban or rural areas they might charge you comparatively less price. Professional electricians often charge between $141 and $419. Do not worry about the fact how much to install 220v outlet, for better work to be done its better to hire an professional electrician.

Although wiring a 220v outlet for small energy consuming household appliances  is not particularly more difficult than linking a normal outlet, but this might cost more due to the possibility that the electrician which you have hired , will need to drive circuit, rearrange the main panel’s circuit breakers, or even install a new circuit breaker. The length of cable that needs to be run and the anticipated labour time will determine how much the electrician charges for his services. These all major factors decides how much to install 220v outlet in your house. But an estimated average price irrespective of where you reside and all, an professional and expert electrician may charge you $300 for installation of a 220v outlet. It is really worth it of paying that money for 220v outlet installation in my opinion 

 Now it’s clear how much to install 220v outlet, but if you are wondering from where you should buy a good quality 220v outlet then at first you should visit a good electric market where you can easily find this outlet and also you can physically compare the quality of  220v outlet of various brands. You can also purchase it online , almost every online shopping platform which sell electronic products have this 220v outlet. Just be sure to read the reviews of the product which you are going to purchase.

Conclusion :

220v outlet is no doubt very powerful socket and it has many significant uses but if you have a lot of electronic devices or appliances in your home, then only 220v outlets might be useful. They’re not very necessary, and adding them in house may result in additional expenses.