How to change battery colors on iphone

The technology is advancing, and there is very little to catch on to. If you are using an iOS device, especially an iPhone, then you would know how conservative the designs and features can be. Well, iPhone has some special features that allow you to customize the battery color. There are various approaches to this, and we will tell you everything about it in this article. So if you want to know everything about changing battery colors on iPhone, follow our article till the very end.

If you think that you can simply change the battery color as per your will, then it doesn’t work like that. You can change the battery color, but there are some specific circumstances that come in the way. It isn’t that easier to know them, but it is just a matter of fact for you to adapt to iPhone’s battery color.

Different Battery colors on iPhone

Every battery indication on iPhone specifies something, and yet it all depends on how restrictive it is how. If you are wondering to have them for a long time, then there is always something that it depicts. Well, you can know about it right below:

White and Black iPhone Battery Colors

These colors are specific to your iPhone model. iPhone display comes with two different modes, dark theme and light theme. If you activate the dark theme, then the white battery color will be depicted. If you activate the light theme, then dark battery color will be depicted. You can easily switch them through settings.

How to change the iPhone Battery color to white or black?

White and Black iPhone Battery Colors

To activate the white and black iPhone battery color, you have to change the display theme in settings.

Open the ‘Settings’ application on your iPhone.

Navigate to ‘Display and brightness’.

Choose which theme you want by clicking on it.

Simple as it is, so this allows you to access white and black battery colors on your iPhone device.

Red and Green iPhone Battery Colors

Red and Green iPhone Battery Colors
Red and Green iPhone Battery Colors

These two variants of battery color aren’t something that you can opt for directly.

Red Battery color on iPhone: Red battery color on your iPhone only turns on when your device doesn’t have enough battery. It signifies ‘low battery warning‘, so as soon as the red battery color starts indicating rush yourself to a charging port, and start charging your beloved iPhone.

Green Battery color on iPhone: Green battery color on your iPhone only turns on when your device is attached to a charging source. It signifies ‘charging mode’. As soon as you attach your iPhone device to the charging cable, the battery color indication turns green.

Yellow iPhone Battery Color

Yellow iPhone Battery Color
Yellow iPhone Battery Color

The yellow iPhone battery color indicates ‘power saving mode’ or the ‘battery saving mode’ on iPhone. Similar to the red and green color, it isn’t much you can do about it. Whenever you turn on the saving mode on your iPhone device, the battery indication changes to ‘yellow’.

How to change the iPhone Battery color to yellow?

Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.

Scroll down and navigate to ‘battery’.

Now choose ‘low power mode’.

Once the low power mode is ‘on’ on your iPhone, the battery color will be changed to yellow.

Blue iPhone Battery Color

Blue iPhone Battery Color
Blue iPhone Battery Color

The blue iPhone battery color indicates ‘Classic invert‘. This happens when you quickly want to swap from a dark theme to a light theme or vice versa. It isn’t a default feature, you have to enable it through settings.

How to change the iPhone battery color to blue?

Go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.

Scroll down and navigate to ‘accessibility’.

Now choose ‘display and text size’.

Scroll down and enable ‘classic invert’.

Simple yet elegant. Once you click on it, your device will change the theme from what it was.

Purple iPhone Battery Color

Purple iPhone Battery Color
Purple iPhone Battery Color

Similar to the blue iPhone battery color, it is used to swap the colors that are already existing. Follow the above steps, only now first put your iPhone in charging.

First, your iPhone will show green color (charging mode). As soon as you enable ‘Classic invert’ via settings, your iPhone battery color will change to purple.

Battery Percentage

The final mode of battery is displaying the battery percentage. Various models especially the ones after iPhone 8 has the option to display battery percentage on the battery widget.

To display battery percentage, simply go to ‘Settings‘, then ‘Battery‘, and toggle the battery percentage from this section. It is easier than it sounds.

Installing the battery widget on the home screen is the only option to display the battery % on current iPhone models. To add the battery widget to your iPhone, tap and hold the empty spot on your home screen until all of the icons begin to jitter. Then, in the top-left corner of the screen, hit the “Plus Plus” icon. Then, find the battery widget and touch “Add Widget” to add it to your iPhone’s home screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does my iPhone get the red battery icon?

When your iPhone’s battery is low, the battery icon becomes red. A red battery indicator is not a good omen, and we should work hard to prevent reaching this point. To acquire a red battery hue, you must use up more than 90% of your charge. You will, however, see a Low Battery alert on your iPhone and will be unable to accomplish anything.

Why is my iPhone battery icon white, not green, when charging?

If you connect your charger to your iPhone and the color remains white rather than green, your charger is defective. As a result, you should immediately inspect your iPhone charger for flaws and try another charger.

Why is my iPhone battery indicator color yellow?

When you enable the Low Power Mode on your iPhone, it becomes yellow. This is usually done to increase the life of your iPhone’s battery by running everything in power-saving mode. So you now understand what the yellow battery hue on an iPhone represents.

Why is my iPhone battery indicator yellow instead of green when charging?

When you connect your iPhone charger to your iPhone, the battery indicator should turn green and display a lightning sign. However, alternative outcomes may occur under certain conditions. So, if your iPhone is in Low Power Mode and you connect it to a charger, its battery indicator will remain yellow rather than green.


Depending on various factors, your iPhone’s battery colors would vary. Now it is really important that you know why do your battery color change? We hope that our guide above helped you go through it thoroughly. Do not forget to share your feedback, we would love to see your comment right below. Till then Kudoos!