Extraordinary resolution clips can be shot on the ios in resolutions of 4K, 1080p, and 720p, but while these movies will appear great, they also result in massive file sizes. While you can always alter the video’s recording resolution on iOS in advance, another choice is to compress video after the fact to significantly reduce its file size. If you wish to share a video from an iPhone or iPad but the movie file size is too big for a typical file transfer, message, or email, video compression can be useful.

To shrink the file size or decrease the clip resolution level, we’ll demonstrate how to reduce clip on an apple device. Nevertheless, since Apple doesn’t really come with a native function for video compression, we will use a simple 3rd software that performs the task admirably.

And being fair, this method entails reducing a clip that has already been shot and saved on the apple device. One may switch from 4K video capture to 1080p or 720p in advance or alter the video recording frame rate to 60fps or 30fps if you wish to start with a reduced video file size.

All of these options will shrink a film recording’s file size, but it is evident that doing so won’t improve the viewing experience or reduction of already-captured videos. Therefore, we’ll utilize Video Converter to downsize and lower the resolution and file length of a clip in apple. Let us discuss the most useful and popular ways on how to compress a video on iphone. 


So, HOW TO COMPRESS A VIDEO ON IPHONE? Let us answer your question with 4 useful methods. 

1. Can Anyone Compress The Footage While Filming?

Compressing the size of the clip as it is being filmed is among the simplest ways to reduce it for apple devices. Simply record it while filming at a reduced definition, and the size of the clip will immediately decrease. That’s how to quickly reduce the size of clips on the apple device:

Step 1: Go to Set Up on your apple and select Camera.

Step 2: Select the Capture Clip option on the device and you’ll observe that a quality and motion rate have been selected.

Step 3: Just choose the quality of your choice by clicking. The minimum resolution this iPhone supports is 720p at 30 frames per second, and it also saves a lot of space.

Apple has also added a message indicating how much video space each resolution will require, as can be seen. Quite easy, huh? This is a terrific technique to record films at a lesser resolution and save space on your phone, but it won’t work if you want to capture videos with a cinematic quality. The remedy to it is to compress a video that you’ve previously captured in a higher resolution on your iPhone.


2. Could a clip on an apple device be compressed once it has been documented?

Say goodbye to “huge file size” warnings when attempting to share a video of high quality. Compress your video to a smaller size to solve the problem. You would require a third-party software because Apple doesn’t provide a default way to accomplish this. The go-to video editing app Film allows you to compress videos quickly and with little use of phone storage.


Here is a detailed procedure:

  • In your iPhone install the Filmr app first. 
  •  Select the video you wish to compress from your gallery by clicking Camera roll.
  • An altering timeline will be displayed.  choose the send button.
  • Export the image in a lesser definition (480p is possible), then save it to the gallery.

3. Does anyone send a compressed apple phone clip?

Let us just imagine we ought to share a high-quality clip to our colleagues but you’re unable to do so by reducing the resolution. If someone’s daily work entails distributing massive video recordings with distant colleagues, it is impossible to minimize every clip file size. Amongst the most effective methods to do that is to post a hyperlink when you’ve just uploaded it to a sharing programme. Here are three strategies.

  1. Posting large documents to a cloud-based storage service like Cloud Storage, Icloud, or Onenote. Then, guess it depends on the person you want to post the information with, establish the connection sharing configurations and simply email the recipient the link.
  2. Users could also distribute their clip using a provider that allows you to send files up to 2GB in size, such as WeTransfer. Once more, if you’re working on your phone, you can just submit the file to WeTransfer and receive a shared link that will allow your receiver to see the video.
  3. Lastly, you can send the link to your collaborators via email after uploading your video to YouTube with the “non – listed” or “secret” tag.

If the three methods could not help you properly, then we have a final method under our sleeves on how to compress a video on iPhone. 

4. Really can I shrink a movie on my apple without losing quality?

What would you do if you didn’t want to send a movie via email and couldn’t compromise on quality due to the nature of the project? It’s important to understand how to compress a video on iPhone without sacrificing quality. The only option you have to accomplish this is to trim or clip out specific portions of the video to shorten its overall length and minimize its file size.

To maintain quality, you can alternatively divide your movie into several portions and send each one to the recipient separately.

Fortunately, utilizing this  respective app makes trimming and cutting your videos really simple.

In the beginning one have to install the film app on your device

Step 2: Select the clip you wish to reduce from your album by clicking Camera roll.

Step 3: Trim the extraneous portions of your video on the timeline of your video editing programme.

Step 4: for reducing the video  one can ever turn off the sound On the timeline for editing videos, click the three dots. To silence the sound in your apple video, click Volume.

Step 5: Save in the resolution of your choice and easily share your video.



We have discussed here the four incredibly simple ways on how to compress video on iphone. Now, users can keep the beauty of their films while simultaneously making them smaller and sharing them instantly.