How To Connect Two Different Airpods To One

How To Connect Two Different Airpods To One Case

Let’s face the fact that no matter how incredible Apple AirPods are, there is always a chance you will lose them someday. Even losing one can be incredibly disappointing. However, you can connect the other AirPods left with you, or you can connect two different ones using a single case.

It might sound impossible at first, but you can. There are certain steps you can follow that are not at all complicated, and certainly, you can use two different AirPods and get them together. Here is what you can do.

Checking AirPods Compatibility- Notes to Follow

Well, before we can directly jump over to the section where you are attempting to connect two different Airpods to one case, it is important to understand that it might not work with all the AirPods.

Apple has introduced different generation AirPods and has upgraded a lot over the years. Hence, it is only logical to say that you need to make sure that both the AirPods have the same generations and models.

  • AirPods Generation 1 uses W1 chips.
  • AirPods Generations 2 uses H1-powered chips.

You can check the model number of your AirPods from your smartphone itself very easily. Hence, make sure you follow all the above before moving forward.

How To Connect Two Different Airpods To One Case

Now that we have determined that the AirPods are perfectly compatible, we can not try to connect them in one case. Here are the steps you can follow.

  • Place both the AirPods in the case.
  • Now, keep pressing the button on the case for a few seconds to reset the AirPods.
Connect Two Different Airpods To One Case
  • Hold the button until the lights start to blink white light.
  • Make sure to delete the previous AirPods saved on your smartphone.
  • Keep the lid of the case open and bring it near the smartphone.
  • An animation will appear on the screen that the device is ready to pair.
  • Tap on the Connect button below.
How to Connect Two Different Airpods To One Case

Once done, your AirPods will now be connected. Make sure you try both the AirPods to check if they are properly audible and connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Use One Airpod If I Lost The Other

Yes, you can easily use a single AirPod if you have lost or misplaced the other one. Apple has designed AirPods to allow you to use a single one only if you do not want to engage both your ears. This works perfectly well when you have lost them. However, make sure you do not lose the case since you might not be able to charge the AirPod once it gets discharged.

2. Why do my AirPods say mismatched?

If you have mistakenly taken another person’s AirPods and mixed them with yours, then your iPhone will send you a notification on the screen that says Mismatched. You can try getting back your own AirPods or ask for a replacement from Apple itself. But you can also simply reset both the Airpods if there is no other way to get back yours.


Here we are with all you need to know on how to connect two different AirPods to one case. Now, the steps are pretty basic and similar to what you need to do to reset an AirPods. If at all you only have a single AirPod, you can use that too without needing the other ear.