How to Convert Voice Memo to MP3 on Iphone 

How to Convert Voice Memo to MP3 on Iphone 

You wish to add some voice memos that you have to Google Drive. When you upload these files to Google Drive, you discover that M4A files cannot be played. How can voice notes be played on Google Drive? It must be a wise decision to convert voice memos to MP3.

How to Convert Voice Memo to MP3 on Iphone 

Iphone devices are unable to play the M4A format audio recordings. As a result, this post provides you with  straightforward ways to convert voice memo to mp3 on iphone .

Iphone Voice memo

The iPhone comes with a built-in voice recording programme called Voice Memos. Voice Memos can assist users in conveniently recording audio. The audio recordings are recorded as M4A files, however many programmes and devices are unable to open them. I’ll now outline three efficient ways to convert voice memos to MP3. The highly suggested audio converter provides a simple, quick method for converting Voice Memos while maintaining the original quality.

Convert Voice Memo to MP3 on iphone 

Using iTunes, you may change the file format of a voice recording on an iPhone if you require it to be encoded in a different codec. iPhone voice notes may be converted to MP3 or other formats using an audio editing software if you don’t have iTunes installed on your computer or don’t have access to a computer. Here, we’d like to offer two free applications with audio converting capability with iPhone users. 

Step 1:voice memos to the recorder for export.

Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone, select Edit in the upper right corner, select the voice memos you wish to share from the list, and then select Share in the lower left. To reach the action menu in the lower part, swipe left on the applications selection bar and choose More > AVR.

The Awesome Voice Recorder programmes now indicate that the voice notes were imported correctly. They can be found in the Imported folder of the AVR app.

Step 2: Convert M4A to MP3 and WAV on an iPhone.

Open the AVR app on an iPhone. The Imported folder will house the voice recordings imported from other programmes. When you tap to choose an audio recording, the play control bar may be shown at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Edit icon in the upper right corner to open the Edit screen.

Tap the Edit icon once again to bring up the File Format menu. In the menu list, you may choose between WAV, M4A, M4R, and MP3. Select MP3 or WAV to convert the voice memo from M4A to. You can turn the voice memo into an M4R iPhone ringtone if you’d like.

The converted audio file will also be saved to the Imported folder of the AVR app on the iPhone. Following that, the audio files may be sent by Wi-Fi, email, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, SoundCloud, AirDrop, or Open In.

How to Convert Voice Memo to MP3 on Iphone Other methods of convert voice memo to mp3 on iphone 

1st step, The Voice Memo should be saved locally on your phone. Tap ••• underneath the Voice Memo you wish to convert in the Voice Memos app, then tap Save to Files and a location (like Music). Otherwise, your Voice Memos are saved inside of that app, and using the converting app to locate this file may be challenging.

2nd step, Using the search bar at the bottom of the page on your Apple store, you may look for “Documents by Readdle.” The app’s icon is a large “D” with accents in green and orange.

To download and set up the app, select Get. 

3rd step, Documents Open. After downloading and installing the app from the App Store, you can launch it by tapping Open or by tapping the app’s icon on one of your Home screens.

4th step, Tap the symbol resembling Safari. The compass icon will launch what seems to be a browser page in the lower right corner of the programme.

5th step, Ensure that you press the Go key on your keyboard to move to the page entirely.

Your Voice Memo may be converted to MP3 using Convertio and Documents by Readdle.

6th step, Click Choose Files. This will be shown in the centre of the screen. A menu will slide up from the bottom of your screen when you press it.

7th step, Click Browse. It’s adjacent to the menu symbol with three dots.

8th step, Enter your Voice Memo location and tap it. This ought to be kept on my iPhone and in the voice notes folder you previously used (like the Music folder).

The file browser closes and the Convertio website appears when you press to choose it.

9th step, Tap the drop-down menu next to “to,” choose MP3, and then tap OK. Under the name of the original file is a drop-down menu.

Additionally, you can adjust settings like the bitrate, volume, and the number of channels by tapping the settings (gear) icon.

10th step, Click Convert. This sizable red button may be found below the original file and the settings you’ve chosen.

Depending on the size of your original file and the internet speed of your phone, conversion might take some time.

11th step, Select Download. This blue button may be found on the right side of your screen, next to the text indicating that your conversion is complete.

If an advertisement appears, you may dismiss it by hitting the X in the top right corner to return to finishing your download.

If you wish to change the file’s name, select a location to store it, and then touch Done to download it.

You may get this MP3 by opening the Files app and selecting Documents > Downloads.


This is all about how to convert voice memo to mp3 on iphone. We have mentioned different methods here. Select your preferred option right away to start listening to your recordings whenever and wherever you like. Hopefully this article helped you to find what you’re looking for and answer all your question.