How To Convert Work Laptop Into Personal

How To Convert Work Laptop Into Personal

Work laptop, as the name suggests, has an interface and protocols for office work. A work laptop is equipped with several security options installed to make sure corporate information stays protected within the limits of the company.

Having said this, we can’t ignore that most people have one laptop and thus, it can become a little difficult to operate a professional laptop for personal use.

Day-to-day activities are restricted and it is also quite impossible to install any third-party applications to connect the laptop with other devices. Simple tasks like listening to movies, listening to music and watching movies are also a little difficult.

But for those of you who want to break this barrier, there are several ways. For those of you who have the will, you can convert your work laptop into a personal laptop.

1.  Just Press Delete

The simplest way to convert your work laptop into a personal laptop is to delete all the work-related information and restore the laptop’s factory settings.

By doing this, you will get rid of the company’s software and all the old data will be erased thus making your laptop truly personal.

  • Reinstalling Windows has been shown to instantly delete all the past data. Once the window starts running, all the data is permanently raised and the laptop will act as new and fresh.

To go with this option, just click on the main menu in the settings and then select ‘update and security’ followed by recovery. Confirm reset, wait till the process happens and then restart your PC.

  • Use apps like TrueCrypt to encrypt data on your work laptop, making it safe & secure. All Data will be then inaccessible by others without proper authorization.

It is an open source software that not only encrypts files and folders but also disks in even complete partitions. You can save all your sensitive data by creating a virtual encrypted disc.

Your files thus encrypted, can then be saved in a USB drive or better, you can just email them to yourself.

4.  Disable the antivirus from your laptop.

Usually when a laptop is used for business operations, a good antivirus protects companies’ data. But now you solely want to use your laptop for personal activities. Therefore, you don’t need this type of security. Windows usually has its Windows Defender that does its job of an antivirus pretty well. In short, to protect yourself from malware, you don’t need to invest in additional security.

Also, Antivirus software is heavy and uses a lot of processing power and space which can slow down your computer when you use it for personal tasks.

  • Reformat the hard drive as normally, the hard drive of the business laptops is partitioned for business use and contains data that you do not want to keep for everyone to see. So if others also have access to your business laptop, do not forget to follow this step.
  • By Disabling the Windows Firewall, you can eliminate the chances of it creating hindrance while you try to connect your laptop to the internet. However, make sure to check whether force-stopping the app causes troubleshooting.

7.  Make separate accounts.

Business accounts are different from personal accounts, so to convert your business laptop into personal for your use, you can make a new personal account on it. Laptops contain options for both personal and business accounts. This works in your favor as now you can select accordingly.

8.  Find a Virtual Machine.

If you want to use a laptop for personal use while you work in a company, try using a virtual machine. And Why? Because it will allow you to use two different operating systems on one computer! Virtual machines can easily be created on an existing operating system and, completing the steps you can easily run a separate operating system.

9.  Use a Private Browsing Window.

If you have a business laptop that’s being shared with other employees in the company, and you want to perform a personal task such as browsing–try using private browsing to maintain privacy.

To do this, follow the steps given below in sequence.

  • Open Firefox or any browser you prefer and switch to their private browsing mode.
  • Open another browser window to perform your activities.

This way, you can ensure no one can go through your browsing history and have an idea about the sites you visit and activities you do.

  • Setting up a VPN connection for online banking and shopping is the best method currently as it works every time. All you have to do is come up with the VPN connection and log in to it using your credentials. By using your bank’s or site’s IP address as the destination you can safely enter to perform all your transactions. It’s hassle-free and does the job even at the oddest of hours.


You can even change the cover of the laptop to give it a more personal sense of style and personality. Adding details like a new mouse and keyboard, can even get you a feeling of a new laptop.

Having said this, we have listed ways by which you can convert a business laptop into a personal one, right after you have switched the company or while you are in the company.

Having a personal laptop can improve your life and save a lot of your time– it’s convenient and you can make the most of your money. Remember to always protect your data while you are trying to do the same.

If you like our methods, do not forget to share them with friends and family. With this, we end this article, enjoy your laptop.