How to increase bass on Airpods

How To Increase Bass On Airpods? Easy Steps

AirPods have good sound quality. It is one of their plus points. But at times, the users can demand a bit more. There are a few of us who love the sound with bass. So now the question arises, how to increase bass on AirPods? So, today we will take a look at some of the methods that one can use to increase the bass of AirPods. But there is just one thing which you need to keep in mind. There can be some changes in audio settings that can cause bass issues. So have a look at the probable solutions.

How To Increase Bass On Airpods? Easy Steps To Increase your Airpods base

Check The Bass Booster Dettings And The Audio Balance

Now, for this step, you need to do the following steps that will increase your bass level in AirPods: –

  • Go to settings in your iPhone.
  • Now, select accessibility.
  • Now, select the Audio/Video option.
  • Now, move the audio balance slider according to your convenience.
  • Now, open the homepage for settings.
  • Now, select the Music option.
  • Now, select EQ.
  • Now, select the Bass Booster option.

Now, the above steps will increase the bass for the songs, that you will play only through the default audio player app.

Disabling Active Noise Cancellation Will Assist

Like it or not, the fact is that active noise cancelling can assist you to improve the bass of your AirPods: –

  • Go to the control centre on your iPhone.
  • Now, press and hold the volume controls.
  • Now, select the Noise Control option.
  • Now, select the Off option.

Now, the above steps will turn off your Active Noise Cancellation. Now, it will improve the bass on your AirPods.

Custom Audio Settings Can Improve The Bass Level

To improve the bass level on your AirPods, you can use custom audio settings for your AirPods: –

  • Go to the settings option.
  • Now, go to accessibility.
  • Now, select the Audio/Video option.
  • Now, select Custom Audio Setup under Headphone Accommodations option.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • As a final step, select Use Custom settings.

Now, the above steps will improve the bass level for your AirPods. Now, you can enjoy your favourite audio on your AirPods.

Proper Maintenance Of Your AirPods Is Also Crucial In Improving The Bass

Now, for this step, you need to properly clean your AirPods. It is because a proper cleaning will remove all the unnecessary clogs and bad elements from your AirPod. It will improve the performance and bass of your AirPods. 

Note: for cleaning purposes, you can use isopropyl alcohol. It will keep the tiny electronic parts of your AirPods safe.

Loose AirPods Or Their Misfit Can Also Cause Bass Issues

As a last option, you can use some hooks and covers or even AirPods tips to improve the fit of your AirPods. It will improve the bass. It will also improve the comfort of using your AirPods.

Spotify And Other Music Streaming Apps Have Different Settings For Changing The Bass

To do so in Spotify, you need to follow some steps, these steps are given below in a sequence for your convenience: –

  • Go to the Spotify app.
  • Now, select the settings option.
  • Now, select audio quality.
  • Now, select Normalize Audio.
  • Now, select Auto Adjust Audio.

Now, you need to change the audio settings based on your comfort. These steps will then improve the bass of media on your AirPods.


Which AirPods Have The Best Bass?

Until now, AirPods Pro are the ones which have the most suitable bass level for its users. The bass level can also change. For this, you need to read the methods given in this article.

Can I Adjust The Bass On An AirPod?

To change the bass on an AirPod, you need to follow some of the steps that are given in this article. The steps are easy to perform. 

Can Bass Change To A Dangerous Level In AirPods?

At times, if you are not careful, then bass can be dangerous. A high bass can also be dangerous for your ears. It can cause damage to your hearing to some extent.


Now, you can increase or change the bass of your AirPods without any issues. These are some simple steps. These will improve your audio experience to a large extent. But, do take care, as a high bass can also damage your ears. So, go now and enjoy your songs.