How To Make Airpods Louder On Android

How To Make Airpods Louder On Android? 3 Method

Even though you may not have an Apple smartphone or any other device to connect with the AirPods, you can still put it to the best use. There is no doubt in the fact that AirPods are one of the best Bluetooth headphones you will find on the internet. Hence, even Android users are buying them.

How To Make Airpods Louder On Android? You should know that it may not give the result you will get when paired with an iPhone or any other Apple device. If you are unable to make AirPods louder on Android, we have created this guide that might help you every step of the way. We have been there and have used AirPods with multiple Android smartphones and were able to get the best output.

Here are the steps and methods you can follow to make AirPods louder on Android.

How To Make Airpods Louder On Android

How do i make my airpods louder on android? There are multiple ways or methods you can use to make the AirPods louder or Increase the base. Well, these methods will help you fix the issue of the earphone’s sound going low on multiple occasions. Here is what you can do.

Method 1: Repair The AirPods


The first method you can try is by repairing the AirPods. This works for not only Android devices but also iOS. There are times that the AirPods are not working as they should, and hence to get the best volume, you can simply do this.

  • Open Bluetooth Settings
  • Now, look for your AirPods and Unpair them.
  • You can also directly Forget the Device.
  • Put your AirPods back in the case and long press the button.
  • Pair the device again with your Android smartphone.

Once done, try listening to videos or audio again and check if the sound got better.

Method 2: Manually Increase The Sound

The best way to make things better is you can use the normal volume button on the side. For this, you either press the UP and DOWN volume button, which is the method used by all. Or else you can directly go to the settings section and then manually increase the intensity.

Method 3: Disable Absolute Volume


Next up, we have the Absolute Volume button. You can access this from the Developer tools. You first need to activate this feature and then enable the button. Here is how you can do it

  • Open Settings on your phone
  • Now, scroll down and click on About Phone
  • Here, you can look for the Build Number and click on it multiple times.
  • After you click on it around seven times, you will receive a message on the screen that you can now access the Developer Mode.
  • Go back to the System Page and open Developer Options
  • Enable the toggle button beside Disable Absolute Volume.

Once done, try reconnecting your AirPods to your Android device, and it will give the best sound output.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Are My AirPods So Quiet On Full Volume?

Well, AirPods and Android devices use a different set of codecs when it comes to making a Bluetooth connection. You might have issues with the volume while using the earphones with Android smartphones, but it isn’t the worst. You can try different methods to solve this issue.

2. Is There An App To Control AirPods On Android?

Since not everyone has an iPhone along with AirPods, you can use your Android smartphone as well for the best sound output. Some of the apps you can find to control AirPods is AndroPods. It supports all versions of AirPods, including AirPods pro.


Here we are with all you need to know to make airpods louder on Android, like Samsung. You can try all the methods, from pairing and repairing the AirPods manually increasing the volume and using the Developer settings to make changes.