How To Merge Multiple Video Clips On iPhone 

How To Merge Multiple Video Clips On iPhone 

Along with many fantastic features, the main attraction for the customers of the iPhone has always been its Camera. Many photographers, videographers, and social media content creators prefer to use the iPhone rather than any other device because just like it has a good ecosystem it also has a very good camera set-up. Many professionals claim that iPhone’s camera quality can even compete with high-end DSLRs.

Along with a good camera an iPhone is also a very powerful editing tool. High quality photo editing and video editing  can be easily done on iPhones. Some people don’t know how to merge multiple video clips on iPhone? Let me tell you it is a very simple task to merge multiple video clips on iPhone. . Here we will discuss how to merge multiple video clips on iPhone using simple applications.

Applications used to merge multiple video clips on iPhone

Some apps which are used to merge multiple video clips on iPhone are listed below –

By using iMovie :

  • Open the App Store, type “iMovie” into the search bar, and install the app if it isn’t already on your iPhone. It is totally free.
  • Open the iMovie app after installing from the App store, and then select “Create Project.”
  • Tap the “Movie” from the “New Project” option. Then all media on your iPhone will be visible on the screen. To access all of your iPhone videos, select Videos > All from this menu.
  • Tap the first video which you want to utilize from the video page. Then, click the checkmark icon from the list of icons that appears. The video clip which you have selected is now a part of your merging process. Select the next video clip which you want to merge. Next, click the checkmark button. For each video you want to merge, repeat this process.
  • After selecting all video clips tap “Create Movie”. This icon can be seen at the bottom of the screen after video selection.
  • All of your videos which you have selected will be loaded onto iMovie’s timeline . To navigate all your videos, slide to the left on the timeline.
  • You can now drag a video and drop it in the desired location to reorganize your videos. Just like it, if you want to add a transition pattern, pick a suitable transition pattern from the given patterns in the app  after selecting the transition icon between two video clips.
  • When finished, click “Done” in the top-left corner. After that a project overview page will appear. Select the share icon at the bottom of this page.
  • Select a saving method for your combined video file. Select “Save Video” if you want to export your file to Photos.

Using iMovie is the simplest  way to merge multiple video clips on iPhone.

merge multiple video clips on iPhone

By using Filmorago :

Other than iMovie you can also merge multiple video clips on iPhone by using Filmorago.

  • First, install the Filmorago video editing app on your iPhone.
  • Open the Filmorago app on your iPhone  and then click “Create New Video” from the homepage.
  • Then choose and load videos from your iPhone to the Filmorago video editor by browsing through your Photos App.
  • You can check the videos which you have selected  to make sure those are the video clips you want to combine. If you’d like to add more video clips, you can add it by simply clicking the + Add icon.
  • Press and hold a video while dragging it to its new place in the CLIPS section at the bottom of the screen if you want to change the sequence of the video clips.
  • To merge and save the videos on iPhone, lastly press the SAVE icon in the upper right corner.
  • Finally, the combined videos will be saved in the Filmorago app and later you can export a copy into your iPhone’s photo gallery.

By using Filmr :

Filmr is also a very powerful video editor application which can be used to merge multiple video clips on iPhone.

  • First install the Filmr video editing app on your iPhone. Filmr is available on iPhone’s App store
  • Open the app and click +New Project at the bottom of your screen. Choose the video clips from your camera roll or files that you want to merge.
  • All of the imported video clips are automatically merged serial wise and the video clips which you want to relocate can be easily done by simply dragging them.
  • Choose a transition pattern or sound from the bottom of your screen by clicking on the symbol that appears between two video clips which you have selected.
  • After combining the video clips, there is a symbol in the top right corner of the screen. Click that  share symbol.
  • Select your FPS and resolution, then click Export. Your merged video is now successfully exported into your Photos App from where you can share the video to anyone.

By using Videoshop :

Videoshop is a feature rich video editing app which is often used to merge multiple video clips on iPhone.

  • First, you have to search “Videoshop” in the App store and install the app on your iPhone.
  • Open the Videoshop app and select the option Add clip to add a video on the project screen. You can import your first video clip to the project screen by clicking on it.
  • Tap the Add Clip button once more after adding your first video clip, to  continue adding clips to your project. Select the second video clip you wish to merge with the first video clip this time.
  • Once the video clips which you have selected are imported to the project screen, click Finish in the bottom-right corner to complete the merging process.
  • To save the finished video file in your Photos App, select Save to gallery after a notification pops up on your screen.
  • At last the merged video clip is saved in the Photos App and can be sent to anyone.


Combining two or more  videos to generate one single video ( video merging) is one of the easiest video editing techniques. A person should at least know how to merge multiple video clips on iPhone who is new in video editing and doesn’t have much experience.