How To Record A FaceTime Call On Your iPhone?

How To Record A FaceTime Call On Your iPhone?

On an iPhone or iPad running iOS, you can record a FaceTime call without any audio. And Here the question is How to record a FaceTime call on your iPhone?

The steps below should be followed to use the constructed samples exhibited: To go to the Control Center, swiping up from the android bottom of your phone’s screen.

Afterward, search for the split screen icon, which resembles two white circles. Select this icon. The recording doesn’t begin for another three seconds. To get back to the call, swipe down (or up, depending on the model you’re using). Your phone will record everything on screen after three seconds, but it won’t capture the audio.

How to Screen Documentation on iOS with Audio

Contrary to what many people think, you can record audio during FaceTime calls. The method is really easy to follow. Naturally, we’ve also included a few programmes from third parties in this section which should carry out the same function.

Return to the Control Station at any time during your call, then long press the computer monitor record icon.

The in-call audio will now be recorded during your FaceTime call. Return to the Control Center and tap the Screen Recording icon once more after you have completed recording. The tape will come to an end. You may find the finished recording in the Pics app on ios after the recording is finished.

These programmes may all be downloaded for free and are generally reliable. After installation, adhere to the prompts to turn on the materials contained and choose a location to keep any application-generated files.

Apps like Logbook it!, DU Recorder, Web Cassette player, and many others will do the trick if the method in the previous paragraph didn’t work for you.

Can FaceTime calls be recorded? Yes!

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FaceTime calls can be recorded: 

As was already stated, it is crucial to let the other party know if you want to record. It’s also critical to realise that recordings of you could occur at any time. Make sure you are aware of the rules that apply to your activity before opting to record a Call as many nations and even individual local towns have particular regulations about recording without permission. You shouldn’t have any issues as long as it follows the law.

Compare FaceTime Audio with FaceTime Video

FaceTime can be used in two different ways. You can utilise FaceTime Audio, which is an audio-only option, or FaceTime Visual, which is the typical method for using Skype with two visual contacts (or more with Group FaceTime).

facetime audio

FaceTime Audio is just a voice call, whereas FaceTime Video is perfect for when you need to view the recipient of a conversation. Because FaceTime Audio is an Ip system similar to Skype, it frequently provides calls with higher voice quality than a standard phone call.

How to record a FaceTime call on your iPhone?


Users of iOS and Mac devices have access to FaceTime, which is a fantastic method to remain in touch with loved ones. There is no additional installation fee or need for a third-party software to use it. Use the iPhone’s constructed screen recording feature if you want to capture a FaceTime call. You may already be aware that linked iOS devices’ screens can be recorded using the Mac’s QuickTime Player. You don’t actually need a Mac to do this since your iPhone can record your displays natively. To record a Facetime call and anything that appears on your phone’s screen, simply follow the procedures listed below.

Start a FaceTime call on your iPhone. To access the Control Center, which has shortcuts for Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, hotspots, Bluetooth, audio players, screen mirroring, and more, slide up from the bottom of the iPhone’s screen. Changes to these settings can be made by going to Settings > Control Center > Customise Controls. If you can’t locate the Screen Shot in your iPhone’s Control Center, go to the Settings and add it there first.

Does Apple let me record a Facetime call and let the other person know?

No. While the system software will notify the other caller if you snap a screenshot, if you record the call, nothing similar happens.

iPhone FaceTime call recording

To begin recording your iPhone’s screen, tap the Screen Recorder shortcut. Before the recording, there is a countdown of three seconds. The status indicator at the top of the screen will turn red throughout the entire recording procedure. Simply hit the red progress bar at the top to halt the recording, and then tap the Stop button in the confirmation popup. To stop the recording, you can alternatively open the Command Center and tap the Screen Recorder once more.

On an iPhone, capture a FaceTime call with audio.

Voice recording is not enabled by default. Long-press the Samples Exhibited in the Command Center and switch on the Microphone to record a FaceTime call on your iPhone with audio. You must boost or even raise the phone’s volume because it merely records audio from the microphone.

The screen captures will be stored in your iPhone’s Photos app. Not just FaceTime calls but also Skype, WhatsApp, and other calls can be recorded using it.


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Learn how to book a FaceTime calendar invite if you already have a scheduled FaceTime call by following this simple guide. Enjoy!

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After reading, you are aware of the various methods for recording FaceTime with audio.

Use EaseUS RecExperts for Macs if you’re a macOS user to complete the task.

The greatest option for iOS users is the built-in screen recorder.

That is how a FaceTime call is recorded. Do anyone know of any other programmes or techniques that can record FaceTime both audio and video calls in the same way? If you’ve any further query on gaming then comment below.