How To Report An Instagram Account To Get It Deleted

How To Report An Instagram Account To Get It Deleted

It’s a chill day. You are comfortably laying on your bed, scrolling through Instagram, laughing at the memes, and making yourself happy. But suddenly, you see a post that is a bit offensive or in a bad taste, or you see a fake online shop selling items or spam accounts and you being aware, and a responsible user wants to report it and get it deleted so that no one can be fooled or harmed. 

Here, are the steps that are needed to get spam or fake post deleted:

  1. Touch the 3-dot icon on the right side of the IG post.
  1. Then select the option ‘Report’.
  • If it is spam, select the option this is spam.
  • Otherwise select the options according to the post like if it is a hate symbol, select ‘hate’ symbol or if it is a scam or fraud select ‘scam or fraud’.

After you have reported it, it’s Instagram that will check whether the post you have reported is fake, fraudulent, or harmful. If it is reported correctly, it will be automatically deleted by Instagram.

Now let us see how to report a fake account:

Suppose you witness an account using your photos, videos, or information and you are astonished to see this. Now you must report it immediately so that the account is banned and or deleted by Instagram:

Steps to follow:

Check the profile on the Instagram account that you want to report.

  • Touch the dot icon on the upper right corner and then select the options report.
  • If you are going to report an account, select the options report account.
  • Then cite the reason for reporting the account 
  • If it is using your photos or videos or of someone you know on his/her account, select the option ‘it is pretending to be someone else’. And then select ‘Me’ or ‘Someone I know’.
  • After reporting the account, Instagram will go through your problem and will verify the account that was reported if found to be a pretending account it will be deleted from Instagram.

How to report an account that is continuously posting fake news or harmful posts:

Suppose you witness an account that is continuously posting harmful content on Instagram, and you want to report it so that the post doesn’t cause any trouble to any individual or create a rift in the Instagram community…. 

You need to follow the steps that are given below:

  • Visit the account that is posting a harmful post or bogus post that you need to report.
  • Touch the 3-dot on the upper right side of the page.
  • After touching those 3-dots select the option ‘Report’ 
  • After selecting the report option, tap on ‘Report Account’
  • After taping ‘Report Account’ select the option ‘it is posting content that shouldn’t be on Instagram’
  • After selecting the above option, select the reason for reporting if your reason is hate speech select ‘Hate Speech or Symbol’ or if the account is promoting violence among people select ‘violence or dangerous organizations’.

Social media is a place where users can express their views, but it is also filled with other unwanted things that can cause unrest or can cause problems.

Instagram is constantly striving to make it a better place for its users, trying hard to make it free from any hate-related content.

To keep it user-friendly, it requires your support. Users should know how to report these types of hateful posts or spam so that they can keep it safe for themselves and others also.

We hope, this article helps you to understand how you can keep yourself safe and secure.