How to Reverse a Video On Iphone

How to Reverse a Video On Iphone

We’ll discuss how to reverse a video on  iPhone today. Instead, we’ll explore more detailed facts, including how to reverse a video on iphone. We can better understand the feature by using these thorough information about the iPhone.

So let’s begin without further ado.

Regarding  iPhone

The iPhone is a smartphone. Though it was not considered the first smartphone,still both consumers and organisations throughout the world are moving toward mobile computing, thanks in large part to the iphone. Android-based devices made by other manufacturers have been its main rivals.

Many people like this system and many people don’t like this system. The phone offers a complete system for systematising organisation.

Having discussed the iPhone, let’s move on to how to reverse a video on iphone

Camera quality in an iPhone

The iPhone’s camera and video quality will now be discussed.

Firstly we will discuss about the camera specifications

The use of two cameras

  • 12MP Main: Seven elements, a seven-element lens, a sensor-shift optical image stabilization, an f/1.5 aperture, and 100% Focus Pixels
  • a 12MP ultra wide lens with a 13 mm focal length, an f/2.4 aperture, and a 120° field of view
  • Sapphire crystal lens cover; 2x optical zoom out; 5x digital zoom
  • Photonic Engine for True Tone Flash
  • Dark mode
  • HEIF and JPEG image file formats were used to capture the images.

Before diving in how to reverse a video on iphone let’s examine how to record videos using iphone

How to make videos on iphone

We’ve got some encouraging news if you’re not making video content because you believe you lack the skills, money, or time to do so: The solution to the puzzle of the video content can be in your pocket right now.

  • Look for a calm location to film.

Although it may seem obvious, if you’re shooting at work or in public, the look of a phone could not alert those nearby to turn down the sound if they’re close by. If you can, reserve a conference room, put up posters warning people to stay away from the area where you’re filming, or bring a colleague with you to seal off the area.

  • Space

When this notice appears while you are recording a video, your phone will automatically stop recording and force you to restart. Before pressing “record,” be sure there is adequate room to do so in order to avoid this. Delete as many unused programmes and files as you can.

  • Disable your alerts.

How frequently your phone receives notifications is another annoying element that might prevent you from finishing your video. Set your phone to dnd while filming the videos.

  • Your video should be lit.

If you are filming in an office building with a lot of overhead illumination, this tip is extremely crucial. You need enough light to simulate natural light, which necessitates that it not just come from above but also from a range of other light sources.

  • Videos that are viewed on mobile devices automatically rotate to fit the orientation of the device being used to view them.Vertically shot videos will look more constrained when they are rotated on the viewer’s screen. Therefore by recording videos horizontally might give you a full length perception about all your videos. Recording videos will be fun too.
  • Utilize a microphone.

To lessen the effect of distracting background noise, employ a microphone of some kind. It truly is true when it comes to video creation that the silence is deafening.

Although these would be a nice investment to make if you want to create a lot of videos, you don’t need a beautiful microphone and boom setup like in the movies.

  • Stop exposing yourself.

To focus your camera’s exposure on the subject, the iPhone does a superb job, which is perfect for taking pictures. However, when recording video, its super-powered exposure will keep changing and readjusting in response to movement, occasionally resulting in fuzzy or out-of-focus areas in your finished product.

  • On a computer, edit.

Your video has to be edited and prepared for publication after you’ve finished filming it. It’s also advisable to use editing software on your computer to enhance the photographs, even if the iPhone’s UI has several visual editing features.

How To Reverse A Video On iphone

The following are the ways how to reverse a video on iphone

Because the iphone doesn’t provides an in built feature of reversing videos, if you don’t want to download an app to carry out this task, you’ll need to use some online video editors. You can do this without spending a dime or downloading any software. I’ll now introduce’s free online video reversing tool.

First, upload the original video to

  • On your iPhone, open Safari and navigate to Online Video Reverser.

We can choose from the bottom right menu of the page in order to select the video we want to rotate. This will ensure a good video.

  • Once the footage has been uploaded, tap the Reverse speed area to select your chosen playback speed for the reversed video. To prevent hearing the audio glitches, make sure the Mute video box is ticked in the Sound settings section.

Select your favourite output format from the list by tapping to open the Save to menu, and then touch reverse in the bottom-right corner.

  • Obtain the video.

When the reverse procedure is finished, hit download on the following page to download the altered movie to your iPhone.

Now you are aware how to reverse a video on iphone.


The process for rotating videos on an iPhone should now be clear. Furthermore, you can spin videos on the iPhone without charge. The video quality is also a problem that can aggravate you. The video quality may be somewhat compromised whether you use other third-party video editing programmes. That a video rotates that quickly.This demonstrates that it’s a very practical tool for rotating videos.