How To Save Audio Messages On Iphone

How To Save Audio Messages On Iphone

A lot of information can be shared quickly and effectively with audio communications rather than by typing out a lengthy message. This is particularly true for phones like your iPhone, wherein recording a brief voice message can be done in much less time than texting the very same information. 

Apple places a high value on confidentiality. For this reason, the iPhone does not currently have a native call-recording function. Similar to text messages, all audio messages sent using iMessage have their default settings set to expire after 2 minutes.

The iPhone will promptly remove audio messages 2 minutes after you’ve sent or played to them, even though they take up more storage space than messages.

 If you wish to know how to save audio messages on iPhone, kindly check this article out. The best part is whether an iPhone allows you to quickly save certain audio messages with just single touch. Additionally, you can modify your options to ensure that all of your audio messages automatically store.

If you’re unsure, find out how to save audio messages on iPhone. 

The best ways on how to save audio messages on iPhone

As previously mentioned, audio messages sent or received on an iPhone often expire after two minutes. If you’d like to keep them, you’ll have to update this setting.

How To save audio messages on iphone that you’ve sent:

  • Use the Messages application to share your audio message.
  • You’ll see the word Keep below the audio message.
  • By tapping this, your voice clip will no longer be removed on its own.
  • Open the conversation that contains the audio clip and hit the Play option to hear it later.

How to Save Audio Messages on iPhone which you have got?

You can use the same procedure to store an audio message that you have received from another person. For the Keep function to appear, please allow some time.

Keeping an iPhone voice note you’ve received:

  • By clicking the Play button in the Messages app, you can listen to the audio message.
  • The notification will let you know that it will be lost in two minutes.
  • It won’t take long for the Keep option to show up.
  • To prevent the message from becoming instantly removed, tap this.
  • If you wish to hear the message again later, go back to the original chat and hit the Play option.

Keeping Audio Messages in Notes

It can take a while to browse through a long chat to find an audio message. You can copy and paste an audio message into the Notes app if you want to store it anywhere that is easier to find later.

To store voicemails in Notes:

  • You can copy an audio message by tapping and holding.
  • Choose Copy.
  • You can either start a fresh note or open an existing one in the Notes app to store the audio message.
  • Select Paste by clicking and holding down on a note’s blank space.
  • Your sound clip will be added to your note. You are free to copy and paste any number of audio messages.
  • Since you cannot change the file names, you might want to write a comment next to each audio message to serve as a reminder of what it is.

On an iPhone, how do you save all voice messages?

You can disable the option to have audio messages immediately removed if you like to save all of your audio messages on your iPhone. This guarantees that every voice clip you send will be kept in your chats.

You ought to be careful that having a lot of lengthy messages may cause your available memory capacity to fill up.

  • On an iPhone, automatically save each audio message:
  • Launch the Settings application.
  • Hit “Messages”
  • Scroll to the screen’s bottom.
  • Tap Expire beneath Audio Messages.
  • Press Never.
  • Get off the menu.
  • You can now save any audio messages you’ve sent or received. If you decide to change your mind, simply follow the previous instructions and choose After 2 Minutes.

Exporting the voicemail

Exporting the message and forwarding it to yourself or another person is an alternative way to store voice messages.

  • Any audio message should be pressed and held.
  • Visit More.
  • Now click either the paper plane or the arrow symbol. It’d start a fresh message.
  • Then you can enter a contact to send it to somebody else or a mail ID to mail it to yourself or someone else.

On your iPhone, where do voicemails get saved?

Now you know how to save audio messages on iPhone but where do these voice recordings get saved? Let’s find out.

Your iPhone’s Voice Memo app stores voicemails. To find the voicemail you’re looking for, simply open the Voice Memos app. Again, this is saved inside the application. Additionally, you can transfer them by transferring them to some other app or saving pictures in the location of your choice.

  • Go to the Phone app.
  • A voicemail tab will appear.
  • To store a voicemail, tap on it.
  • Select the “Share” button.
  • You can add the voicemail to your Notes app by selecting Notes. You can save it as a voice memo to your iPhone by choosing Save. Make the relevant choice.

What Would Happen If You Accidentally Removed An Audio Message On Your iPhone?

Expired sound chats from iMessage cannot be recovered. However, if you accidentally erased your audio recording after selecting to preserve it, you may easily get your iPhone’s audio messages back by logging into your iCloud account. If you have backed up your iPhone to your iCloud account, you might apply this procedure. How to get your iPhone audio messages is as follows:

  • Visit the iCloud app and sign in using your login information.
  • Select iCloud Drive at this time.
  • Just underneath your profile, tap Account Settings.
  • Select Restore files under the Advanced section.

Setting up Messages on an iPhone 

You must learn how to save audio messages on iPhone to ensure that you don’t end up losing any valuable or important audio messages that you’d prefer to keep. However, you may even want to pick up some extra useful Messages skills.

By deleting unnecessary messages, you can, for instance, make it simpler to explore your previous conversations. To avoid having your inbox overrun with junk mail, you can also sort texts from unknown sources.

Enabling Messages in iCloud will allow you to sync your messages across all of your Ios devices if you own other Apple products.


In brief, there are several ways on how to save audio messages on iPhone right now. For longer-term security and backup of voice messages, use the Keep, Save, and Copy options. Additionally, voice memos can be exported from your iPhone or iPad to your PC. I hope you fully comprehend all of the ways to save voicemails on an iPhone and you know how to save audio messages on iPhone. 

This guide can assist you in easily and effortlessly locating your audio clip files on iPhones, saving them, or exporting them.