How to Save Screenshot to Clipboard on Mac

How to Save Screenshot to Clipboard on Mac

If you have owned a MacBook for some time now, you are already aware of the exceptional Screenshot tool you are provided with. In fact, this tool not only allows you to take a screenshot but also gives you screen-recording functions. But the real question is how you can save the screenshot to the clipboard.

Apple has an in-built function known as Universal Clipboard. Yes, it means exactly how it sounds. This clipboard acts as a means to copy and paste any form of content, such as text, images, videos, etc, from one device to another. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is available for everyone if you own multiple Apple devices.

Hence, instead of just taking a simple screenshot, you can now directly copy that screenshot as well at the same moment. Here is how you can save screenshots to a clipboard on Mac.

Here are the steps you can follow to save the screenshot to the clipboard while taking it using certain shortcuts.

How to Save Screenshot to Clipboard on Mac

  • Press Control (⌃) + Shift (⇧) + Command (⌘) + 3 on your keyboard.

How to Save Screenshot to Clipboard on Mac

  • As soon as your press it, your screenshot will now be saved to the Clipboard.
  • To confirm the process above, open the Notes App.
  • Now, click on a new note and simply Press Command (⌘) + V to paste the screenshot.

Wait for a few seconds, and you will have your screenshot right on the notes app. Of course, you can do this on any other app as well for confirmation.

You will notice here that the shortcut is originally through which you took the Screenshot on your Mac with an added Control (⌃).

Above all, you can use other shortcuts such as Shift (⇧) + Command (⌘) + 4 to select a part of the page and take a screenshot. Once you press these keys, the crosshair will appear on the screen to select the area.

Now, you can simply press Control (⌃) on the keyboard while selecting and then releasing the mouse. Your screenshot will directly get copied. The best part of this method is you do not have to turn your hand into a claw pressing multiple keys at once.

Requirements to Enable Universal Clipboard to Save Screenshot

In order for this to work across devices, you need to ensure that two devices are closer to each other. Also, some other requisites are:

  • Sign in to your devices using the same Apple ID
  • Make sure Bluetooth and Wifi are on both the devices.
  • Ensure Handoff features are enabled as well on Mac.

Once these are taken care of, you can follow the keyboard shortcuts to save a screenshot on Clipboard.


Here we are, with everything you need to know on how to save a screenshot to a clipboard on Mac. After that, it is simply about the keyboard shortcuts you need to remember to make your tasks easier.

You must keep the normal shortcuts in mind for capturing screenshots and simply add the Control (⌃) key with it for the desired result.