How To Tell If Someone Is Tracing Your iPhone

How To Tell If Someone Is Tracing Your iPhone

Today, it is difficult to stay away from the internet. But the internet can sometimes be a source of problems. It can affect you mentally, but the features that the internet provides are an advantage. But these advantages can give you sleepless nights and affect your health. Among all the things that hackers can do today, tracking your iPhone is one. There are several methods that one can use to track your iPhone. But how can you find out that someone is tracking your iPhone? For this, you need to do as follows. But along with the crucial points, there is also some explanation of the tips, that are related to these procedures or steps.

Disturbance while making phone calls

If someone is trying to track your phone, then your device can experience some disturbances during phone calls. It is because some culprits are trying to record your phone calls after installing spy software. It can distort voice while on calls. These can be in different forms, for example, even an artificial voice talking to you.

Rapid battery charge loss can be an indicator of your iPhone being under surveillance

In the case of an iPhone, you need to take care of the phone’s battery. It can help you in identifying the sudden loss of battery level. It can happen due to the age of the device. But the sudden increase in battery loss is the indicator that your iPhone is being tracked.

Random shutdowns can also be a pointer toward phone hack

If someone has installed unwanted software on your iPhone and is tracking you. Then that software can also sometimes cause such problems. In such a case, you can assume that your phone is being tracked.

Increased data consumption can be a hint to your iPhone being tracked

If there is an increase in data consumption of your device then you can assume that your device is being tracked. In such cases, hackers or culprits are keeping a track of your iPhone. They are monitoring your every move and are most likely receiving data from your device. It can result in high-data usage as the data, which your device is sending back to the culprits, is consuming data.

Random texts or emails on your device are also a sign of your iPhone being tracked

If you are getting several suspicious messages or emails on your device containing random characters, then your iPhone is being tracked. Such a situation arises if your device is under an influence of spy software. In that case, remote admins of the software send random texts to check or verify the working status of the spy software.

Device malfunction lies device heating up can be a result of your iPhone being tracked

If your iPhone has some spy software installed, then you can assume that your device is being tracked. It can be due to the background running of the software which hackers are using to monitor or track your device.

Identify the suspicious apps or unknown apps on your iPhone that can be a source of problems

From time to time, keep an eye on the apps, which are present on your device. If you find any suspicious apps or unnecessary apps which was previously not present, then you need to uninstall that app from your device. Also, try to explore the hidden files and folders in your device, it will help in identifying the suspicious or unknown files or folders with a name like a spy or mobile spy. Such files or folders must be deleted from your device. It can help you in detecting that your iPhone is being tracked.

Also do keep an eye on the browsing history of your phone this will also indicate whether your iPhone is being tracked or not. It can be guessed from the suspicious or unnecessary or unknown websites from your search history.

But what about the steps which can save you from such hide and seek?

  • Install all the system updates without delay

If your device gets system updates, then try to install it as soon as possible. You also need to keep all your apps up to date. It can help you in avoiding surveillance.

The use of anti-virus, anti-malware or anti-spyware can help in avoiding surveillance. It can help you keep your device free from any spyware and other fatal elements of the internet.

Another step that you can take to avoid spyware is to use a device without rooting it. In terms of the iPhone, you must never jailbreak your device, as this step can give a back door to hackers. 

  • Avoid using any unwanted app

If you are planning to install an app for any purpose on your device, then try to install a well-known app. You must also avoid installing an app from unknown sources. If any link compels you to install an app, then you must avoid such links. These links can be a trap from hackers or a way to gain access to your phone by installing spyware on your iPhone. These points can define and provide you with tips that can help you to identify whether your iPhone is under surveillance or not.


Is there any way to install an iPhone tracker in someone’s iPhone without informing the owner?

Yes, there are methods that one can use to install an iPhone tracker without someone’s knowledge. But it must not be done as it is illegal and it also disobeys someone’s privacy.

Is there any way to use a device as an apple device tracker?

Apple launched AirTag for the tracking purpose itself. Suppose you are not enabling location services to track your iPhone. Then you can attach an Apple AirTag to keep a track of your Apple iPhone in case it gets stolen or lost.

How can I track my iPhone?

You can track your iPhone by using the AirTag method, given in the above question. On the other hand, you can also use the Find My Device option from Apple to track your Apple device.