How To Turn A Video Into A Picture On iPhone iPad : shoot, click, edit 

It is difficult to capture substandard images with today’s iPhones because of their incredible photography plus picture features and functionality. Except if you’re riding a wild horse and attempting to catch a giant fireball.

The iPhone enables users to record time events as well as turn these into even images, films, or interactive pictures. However, changing such forms could be a little challenging. Somebody contested on how to turn a video into a picture on iphone ipad. Somebody wishes to extract photographs from the sports footage so that he can post them on their page.

Taking a screenshot with an iOS device is the simplest method answering your question on how to turn a video into a picture on iphone ipad. Simply launch the Camera Roll or Photos app on your iphone, search for the clip, start it, pause at the moment you want to capture, and afterwards immediately hit the main & snooze keys.

Unfortunately, there are problems with this approach. For instance, it is difficult to pick the optimum image from a film because you cannot watch each minute individually. Even worse, the picture quality is constrained by the resolution of your screen. For example, if you take a screenshot or extract a frame from a video on an iPhone 7 Plus, the image will be 1920*1080p; on an iPhone 7 it will be 1334*750p; on an iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, or iPad mini 2, it would be 2048*1536p. The video file’s original full quality is not what you see.

Method 1 on how to turn a video into a picture on iphone ipad

  1. ImgPlay

Creating GIFs and editing videos on the iPhone is simple with the help of ImgPlay. When users launch the app on your iPhone or iPad, a request to select input data will appear. Videos, images, pictures, GIFs, as well as other appropriate files can all be imported and edited. Then, navigate to the video albums in Photos and import the files to an editor by selecting Media from the category.

With sliding a video’s edges, you can trim clips just on the Trimming display. This clip doesn’t need to be cropped. Instead, one could use a trimming tool to focus your hunt again for documentary’s exportable portions. If the actual video is quite lengthy, it is quite helpful.

Tap on the Next button and you can go to the edit screen. One could modify the clip using a variety of methods on the Edit screen, including Canvas, Crop, Text, Filter, Sticker, Border, Speed, etc. The Save icon and the Frame View button are both located in the upper right hand corner. To view every frame and image in the clip, select Frame View.

After that, look through the movie frame by frame to get the specific clip you need. To see a frame or image in widescreen, tap your magnifying glass arrow that appears just above the thumbnail. To access the menu at the bottom of the screen after the frame has opened in full-screen mode, hit the Menu (three dots) symbol in the upper right corner. To store the gif file as an image to the iPhone’s Photos app, select Share or Save > Save Image. On your iPhone, the exported frames will be saved as PNG images.

Method 2 on how to turn a video into a picture on iphone ipad

  • Download the free intoLive application from the App Store.
  • Swipe up in the application and then select the clip which you want to convert into a photo.
  • Then click on the create button which is located at the upper right corner of the page.
  • Indicate how many times your live photo should be repeated.
  • Your photo is ready.

Method 3 on how to turn a video into a picture on iphone ipad from pc

I installed numerous “video to photo converter” applications from the App Store in an effort to obtain still images in full HD quality. But until you upgrade to the premium version, none of them can do that. In actuality, the free apps I’ve tried can only export images from videos that are of really poor quality—much worse than a screenshot taken directly from the device. Finding a truly free programme that can export images from videos on iPhone and iPad is challenging. On the other hand, there are various free computer programmes that can accomplish this, including the Photos apps for Windows and Mac, QuickTime Player for Mac, and a wide range of third-party video editors, most notably VLC media player.

Therefore, if you’re still trying to figure out how to export full HD, slightly elevated pictures for free from a clip on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, we suggest first exporting the clips to a desktop, then using one of apps to transfer individual frames as images.

Simply use the Photos app on Windows 10, or Windows 11, to save video frames as pictures. Open Windows File Explorer, navigate to the folder where the video is saved, then right-click on it and select the Photos app from the context menu that appears. The Save Photo window up when you select More Options > Save a frame after pausing the video and selecting the frame you want to save.To save the video frame to your desktop, adhere to the displayed instructions. Remember that the extracted video frames won’t be stored in the Computers usual Thumbnail view, but rather to the exact directory as that of the source video.

Method 4 on how to turn a video into a picture on iphone ipad by photoshop

Digital marketers frequently use the image editor Photoshop. Although it is typically defined as just an editable format, it also has several very useful video editing features, including the ability to extract segments of films and transform images to slideshows video.

Open Photoshop on a Mac or a PC. To locate and launch the video in Photoshop, select File > Open. To quickly find the frame you wish to save, move the play head along the timeline. When you’re ready to save the frame, go to File > Export > Quick Export as PNG and choose a location on your computer.


In the end, even if you’re trying to create a photo from one of your stored videos, the creators of that clip still retain intellectual copyright and this has to be kept in mind. This means that you must confirm that it is okay to publish the still image online before doing so.