How To Update Spotify On PC/Mac/Android

How To Update Spotify On PC/Mac/Android

In today’s time, we can easily say that music has become a part of our everyday life. Be it out loud or just a mellow tune in the background we have it set while going through the everyday tasks. From working out to getting through office workload or a boring assignment, music surely helps set the flow of things. With varying tasks, we also have a different set of music sorted that sets the tempo and our personalized playlists. 

Gone are the days when people used to download every song they liked on their storage, frankly there is so much stuff to fill that storage with why occupy it with music when there’s the option of enjoying music online through streaming applications occupying less storage.  

Spotify being one of the most famous music streaming applications has gained enormous popularity nowadays. The app was developed by a Swedish company for music lovers worldwide. It is a global streaming music application, available free and with the option to stream not only music but podcasts too. Spotify has a collection of music ranging back almost 50 years, serving all music lovers their dose of serotonin. 

Another feature that makes Spotify all more popular is easy streaming. With one account login, you get access to millions of songs, audiobooks, and podcasts on multiple devices. All your set playlists and podcasts can be accessed on any device with just an account login making it so much better than downloading songs on the device.  

Spotify has a collection of millions of songs in various languages, in addition, there are a hundred performed playlists available for you to go through, there’s a playlist for everything from work out to yoga to party songs. With time Spotify also provides you with recommendations based on your music taste. Also, you can create your playlist pretty easily, just tap the heart icon beside the song name choose a playlist and it’s done. The radio feature allows you access to a selection of songs based on your preferences and what’s popular on Spotify. These are mostly features available free of cost on Spotify you can access a few additional features with a premium subscription. 

With Spotify premium, you unlock the advanced features. Downloading music and podcasts to play offline, ad-free streaming, and even better sound quality are the premium features. Spotify offers you a range of plans to choose from for individual use or to share with others, there’s a plan for all. Students being a major percentage of Spotify users are offered amazing discounted prices too.  

From time to time the Swedish company keeps bringing in new updates for the application to improve the user experience. The catalog for Spotify is quite an interesting one and with every new update, there are some added features. Other the new feature there are also changes in terms of security with new updates and fixing of bugs from time to time. these all improve application performance making these updates critical. So, it’s a good idea to keep checking for updates on your device especially if automatic updates aren’t enabled. 

So how do we check for these updates? 

Checking for updates differs from device to device. As you have the applications installed on different devices the steps for checking an update will depend on the device used.  


All you have to do is follow the simple steps 

  • Click on the Help tab on the top right-hand corner of the main page 
  • Look for Check the Updates and you’ll find the available updates for your device 


Spotify on Mac typically stays updated automatically. Though to check for updates manually when updates don’t finish automatically due to network errors follow the steps below 

  • Open the Spotify application on your Mac 
  • In the menu bar, click on Spotify 
  • In the drop-down menu find the About Spotify option and click on it. 

If there are updates available, you’ll find them on the About window. 


In the case of androids, you can check for updates through the Google play store. 

  • Open google play store 
  • Click on the manage apps and device option  
  • Search for Spotify 

If updates are available, they’ll appear beside it 

After checking for the updates if you can proceed to update the application. Spotify usually provides regular updates and for smooth performance, it is better to keep it updated. It is quite easy to update the Spotify application on your PC/android/ mac all you have to do is follow a few steps and all’s done. 

In this article, we’ll help you through these steps to update the Spotify application on your PC/Mac/Androids. 

Update Spotify on PCs 

There are times when you come across the error with the Spotify desktop application where it won’t start or keep closing on its own. The cause may be a pending update. So, to manually update your Spotify desktop application follow the steps below: 

  • Click start the Spotify desktop. Make sure you logged into your profile.
  • Click on the help menu.
  • Look for updates available option if you see it.

Through this, you can easily update Spotify on your PC. You might also see a blue arrow next to the menu option when updates are available.  

If you don’t see either of the options, your Spotify application is already updated. 


In the case of the Mac, the Spotify app update can be a little cumbersome, especially in the case of manual update checks. We’ll help you through this process so you can easily check for Spotify updates on Mac and keep the application updated. 

For iOS users updating Spotify can go two ways. You can switch on automatic updates or prefer to manually update the application. 

To switch on automatic updates:

  • Click on the setting option. 
  • Select iTunes and App store.
  • Find the option of App updates and switch it on. 

To manually update Spotify on Mac:

  • Click start the Spotify application. 
  • In the Menu bar, Click on Spotify
  • From the dropdown menu, click on the About Spotify option. 
  • On the About window, you’ll find a new version available line. 
  • Click on the Click here to download link option. 
  • Spotify will start downloading the update. 

Once the download is completed Spotify will ask to restart the application. You can simply quit the application and reopen it to install the new version. 


Updating an application on Android is the easiest of all. Just like we saw in the case of Mac, for Android also there are two ways of updating your Spotify application. You can do it manually using the google play store or switch on automatic updates. 

For automatic updates 

To have interrupted streaming on your android you can simply turn on the auto updates option so your phone checks for updates. So, whenever a new version is available it’ll update on its own. You can switch it on by following steps: 

  • Click start Google play store
  • Search for Spotify and click open the page. 
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner. 
  • Select enable auto-update option.

For manual updates

In many cases we do not keep the auto-update option on in such cases you have to manually update Spotify to keep the date up to date and running smoothly. Manually updating the application on Android is quite easy just follow the simple steps: 

  • Click start Google play store
  • Search for Spotify in the search bar. 
  • If an update is available, you’ll find the UPDATE option. Click on it.

Spotify will start downloading the update. Once it finishes downloading relaunch the app to install the newer version. 

If you do not find the update option it means your application is on the latest version. 


Why is Spotify not updating? 

If you are unable to download an update it could be due to various reasons. The most common cause for an update error is poor connectivity. Your internet connection may be lagging causing the update to halt. To correct this 

  • Turn on flight mode, and leave it so for a minute. 
  • Turn off flight mode and try to update again. 

If you are using Wi-Fi, check the connection strength and try to update again. 

Another reason for an update error could be no available updates. If your Spotify application is already on the latest version, you’ll not find the update options. 


Spotify application is a murder networking service with its enormous popularity it also has competitors. To keep its relevance in the stream the company keeps introducing better features and terms with every update and to ensure you enjoy all the features to their fullest you should keep your Spotify updated regularly. Updating your application also makes the experience a whole lot better and more seamless. 

With the steps mentioned above, you can easily keep your Spotify updated and also look for any updates if they are available from time to time. We’ve mentioned all the steps to update Spotify on your PC/Mac/ Android so that whichever device you use to stream your music, you can keep it updated and enjoy your daily dose of music seamlessly. We hope all your queries got answered through this article.