iphone tricks apple won't tell you

iPhone Tricks Apple Won’t Tell You

Well, depending on the quality of the device that one uses, there are several things that do not come out. If you are an Apple user and have an iPhone, then there are several features you wouldn’t be aware of. To sympathize it, we actually got the best guide here for you. It is time that you know few tricks that Apple won’t tell you about iPhone.

Fortnuately, our team has been working hard to keep you updated with every guide and trick possible. We are awaiting to amaze you with another article that fit just right to blow your minds. It is time to qualitize your time on iPhone. Here are 8 best features or tricks that Apple has been hiding from you since long. Do not worry, not anymore, be amazed by the end of this article and enjoy seamless features on your handy device now.

8 Best Tricks Apple Won’t Tell you

We don’t enjoy diving in something if we didn’t give it a try, so here are all the tested tricks that we have right for you.

Setting the sleep timer

Setting the sleep timer
Setting the sleep timer

Phew! The days doesn’t pass by when you wish to fall asleep listening to music. But unfortunately, you are worried that your phone will continue to play songs even when you are in your dream world. Do not worry, iPhone got you covered. Eventually, you can set up an alarm that will off after a while. So you can just play songs, go to bed, get cozy, and fell asleep. As soon as the time reaches to what you have set, your iPhone will stop playing music and rest itself.

  • Go to Clock, and select ‘Timer’.
  • Under timer scroll to the bottom and select ‘When Timer Ends‘.
  • Finally, change the ring tone to ‘none’.

As soon as the timer gets off, your iPhone will stop playing music. This is really a saver as you do not have to worry that your phone’s battery is draining.

Clearing your iPhone’s RAM

Clearing your iPhone's RAM
Clearing your iPhone’s RAM

Not a single day passes by that you expect to increase the performance of your loving iPhone. There are several reasons behind the lagging of your phone, and it can be easier than you think to get it back on track. One of the ways is by clearing your iPhone’s RAM. But is it really possible? Fortunately yes, it is possible to clear your iPhone’s RAM, and luckily we have got the right guide just for you so that you won’t workaround to do it.

  • Hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the ‘slide to power off’ message appears.
  • After that, press and hold the Home button while releasing the Sleep/Wake button.
  • Your iPhone screen will flicker for a few seconds before returning to the home screen. The RAM on your iPhone or iPad will be cleared, making your device substantially faster.

This is just a way to do so. You can even clean your phone’s storage and delete unwanted things. It will ensure that the performance of your iPhone remains maximum. Apparently, it isn’t that easy, but honestly keeping your phone away from cache and unwanted application could possibly help you a lot.

iMessage timestamps

iMessage timestamps
iMessage timestamps

Did you ever wish to know the time when a message was exchanged on the iMessage application? Even though we are aware of the advanced technology overtaking by surpassing applications like iMessage. New social media applications are just daunting. You can have the whole set of conversations and access many more features through this application. But still, it is sensible for you to turn on the timestamps on iMessage for messages that aren’t delivered on third-party applications. So here you go with the best guide to do so.

  • Launch the Messages app.
  • Tap on the message thread for which you want to see a specific timestamp.
  • Slide your finger from left to right.
  • The timestamps for each individual communication are now visible.

We hope you can now enjoy knowing the time that the messages on ‘iMessage’ got exchanged. It is a blessing to have to enable this feature, isn’t it?

Recording a video while the screen is locked

Recording a video while the screen is locked
Recording a video while the screen is locked

It is casual to record a video while the screen is ON, but is it really possible for you to crack down the code to record a video while the screen is locked? Many users have asked us if it is possible, and the answer for it is ‘yes’. You can probably start recording your screen when it is locked. Just follow the steps that we have mentioned below to enable it.

  • Check that your iPhone is locked. Hold down the Shutter button and drag the bottom right camera icon halfway up.
  • Slide the camera mode to a video while keeping your finger halfway up on the camera slider mode.
    Three times double-press the Home button.
  • Keep your finger midway on the slider until the iPhone’s screen shuts off. Remember that your iPhone is already filming a video.
  • To stop the recording, simply unlock the iPhone as usual.

We hope that this feature makes you enjoy the recording screen when your screen is off.

Blocking ads in iPhone/iPad games

Blocking ads in iPhone
Blocking ads in iPhone

This is something that everyone loves. Well who isn’t bored of the same old ads while playing games on our iPhone. It sucks, and honestly, there isn’t much we can do about it, right? Maybe you are wrong. You can block ads in iPhone while playing a game. It isn’t that difficult, you just have to work around the steps mentioned below:

Simply put your phone in Airplane Mode to temporarily disable the phone’s radios, and you’ll be able to play most games without being interrupted by obnoxious commercials.

Well this isn’t much of a trick, but it surely helps you when you want a peace time playing games and enjoy other application on your iPhone device.

Restoring recently closed Safari tabs

Restoring recently closed Safari tabs
Restoring recently closed Safari tabs

We all know the default search application of Apple devices especially iPhones is Safari. It happens all the time that you accidentally close tabs on the Safari browser, and regret doing it. But why are you hitting the corner when you can just restore these tabs. Oh yes! It is fairly possible to restore the closed Safari tabs by using just the right set of steps. Where can you find this? The answer is right below:

  • Open your Safari browser and find the ‘+’ button on the bottom-center of the screen.
  • Hold it for long, and you will find the closed Safari tabs have been revived.

This is surely an easy guide, yet most people do not know about it. We hope that next time when you close the tabs accidentally, you will know what to do.

Hidden Field Test app

Hidden Field Test app
Hidden Field Test app

To be honest with you, every device has its own service code. But the thing that strikes us is, that it is a secret one. Yes, the service codes on a few of the devices are hidden, and to field test applications to rise, you have to type something on your dialing key.

All iPhones have secret service codes that may be used to obtain information about the device, mobile provider, and cellular network. If you input 3001#12345#, for example, you will see a secret menu containing information about your SIM card, network operator, signal quality, and so on.

We hope that you got the secret service application that helps you check different information as mentioned above.

Improving Wi-Fi speed on an iPhone

Improving Wi-Fi speed on an iPhone
Improving Wi-Fi speed on an iPhone

Well, who doesn’t just want to improve the internet speed? Currently more than cellular data, we people depend on Wi-Fi for our internet needs. Maybe it is because of the hardware that doesn’t let you access high-speed internet. But sometimes it can be because of the default settings of your phone that limit the internet. Hopefully, we got the perfect workaround that will help you improve your Wi-Fi speed right away.

  • Go to your device settings.
  • Navigate to ‘Mobile Data’.
  • Now at the bottom enable ‘Wi-Fi Assist.

When the Wi-Fi network signal is poor, you may quickly configure your phone to switch over to the cellular connection using the Wi-Fi Assist option.


We hope that you enjoyed all the tips and tricks that we got you in this post. There are many more tricks that you can opt for and maybe they are hidden. Share your experience with us in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you are aware of some tricks that aren’t publically available. We would make sure to add a few more as we go around in-depth. It is time to take up your iPhone and start trying the tricks that we just mentioned. These 8 iPhone tricks that Apple doesn’t want you to know are now available. Until we get another tricks to our closet, kudoos!

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