If you are looking to buy a laptop and think is MSI a good brand then you are in the right place. I’ll be clearing all your doubts today regarding if msi is a good brand, the pros and cons and just everything you need to know before buying a laptop. 

Hope this article about is MSI a good brand will help to sort out the few things we need to keep in mind while choosing a laptop. Good quality, long lasting charging, a good style, good for gaming, fast technology and affordable. MSI is a great option if you are looking for all these facilities on a budget. 

MSI is one of the best laptop brands in the market that solely focuses on gaming and high-performance products. You will find a wide range of products which are a great choice for all the gamers out there. This is really the best option for someone who wants a great laptop with all the features in an affordable price. In this article we will see if is MSI a good brand and whether you should buy it. Keep reading!

Design & Durability of MSI laptops 

In order to provide strength to the product, the company uses materials such as aluminum or magnesium alloys that provide strength without adding excessive weight. However, some might find some of their designs bulky and heavy. Customers who tend to choose slim laptops would definitely not be much impressed. In the MSI laptops, you will find RGB lighting in the back of the keyboard. This not only makes the laptop look cool but also helps you to do your job in low lighting, especially at night. You would not want to disturb the others sleeping near you by lighting up the lamp. You can choose from a variety of models. There are several categories from which you can choose which includes business laptops, gaming laptops or multimedia laptops. In addition to that, a variety of eco-friendly laptops that are made with recyclable materials are available in the market as well. They are known to be easy on the environment. 

Performance & Compatibility

It is well known that MSI’s gaming laptops are known for their highly powered GPUs and powerful processors, which is why they are often used by esports players all around the world. A MSI laptop is never made with a below average hardware which makes the laptop more exclusive. One great feature which we all look out for is a great battery life. MSI laptops are the best option if you are looking for great performance without any breakdowns. In terms of compatibility, MSI laptops are great because the company also manufactures other laptop hardware, such as motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, and other computer hardware. There is no doubt that making your own PC components can provide some sense of security to your customers, similar to ASUS’s approach. You would definitely get impressed with their top notch hardware. Is MSI a good brand for gaming? Yes, it definitely is.

Is MSI a good brand for business purposes?

MSI laptops are a great choice for every age group, they are very durable as well as portable. Nevertheless, they are not the best value-for-money option out there, unless you are willing to spend much more than you need to on a laptop that will only be used for work purposes. So now if you ask Is MSI a good brand for work, you probably know the answer. 

Is MSI a good brand for programming? 

Programmers always tend to choose MSI’s high-end gaming laptops as they are a great option for programming. Because they are so durable and have the top notch hardware, they can easily handle coding and millions of keystrokes. Their dual-fan cooling system is perfect for preventing overheating when your computer is operating at maximum capacity.


I hope you all have something in your mind before buying a laptop for what you will be using it for. When looking for a laptop, the first thing to consider is what you will be using it for. If you edit videos, play games, or perform other intensive tasks, you need a more powerful laptop. For basic web browsing and word processing, the entry-level model is fine. MSI laptops start at around $500 and go up from there usually increasing their features according to prices. 

Customer Service

Though MSI provides a decent customer service, still you should know that there are some drawbacks which one should be very aware of. The first problem is that you can get help from the MSI customer service only during business hours which basically means you won’t get any help if you are stuck with a problem after the business hours or during the weekends. You need to wait to fix your broken laptop. Another problem that is commonly reported is that you have to wait for a pretty long time if you are calling on the hotline number. They won’t be able to solve any of your problems right away, you will have to wait or call multiple times to get it fixed. 


Now we will be discussing the pros of the MSI brand. 

  • You will find pretty strong and reliable specs in these laptops. 
  • You can get a lot of affordable options in the market with the features you want. 
  • You can choose the laptop that suits you from a wide range of options.
  • The price range of these laptops are so affordable. 
  • These laptops are very durable and at the same time are lightweight as well. 
  • You will experience amazing colors and screens with this laptop.
  • Yet another great feature available is that you can easily customize things with special features according to your choice. 


Although it is such a great brand, there are a few cons which you should be aware of

  • The customer service is average and only available on business days.
  • Some of the laptops are actually considered very overpriced according to the features present in them. 
  • If you are thinking about this laptop just for work, this is not the best option. You will find tons of other brands in the market that will do the same job but at a better price.
  • Some of its laptop designs are very bulky and also take up a lot of space.


Though MSI is a great laptop for gaming, I would not recommend it just for work. I hope now you can easily decide is MSI is a good brand.