LED VS LCD Monitor Gaming: What’s The Difference? [Explained]

When you’re looking for a new gaming monitor, you could compare gaming LCD and LED display monitors. After all, both kinds of gaming monitors are easily available in the market. If you want to know how to pick the ideal monitor for your gaming needs as well as the differences between the LED vs LCD monitor gaming keep reading this article. 

What is an LCD monitor?

Flat panel displays of the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) variety operate primarily on liquid crystals. Due to their widespread use in gadgets like cellphones, televisions, computers, and instrument panels, LEDs offer a wide range of applications for both consumers and enterprises.The conventional cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors, the old norm and once thought to have higher picture quality than early LCD models, have been displaced by this technology. In terms of colour and picture quality, in addition to having the capacity for high resolutions, LCD has surpassed CRT thanks to the development of improved LCD technology and its ongoing improvement. 

CCFLs were once used to backlight some LCDs (cold-cathode fluorescent lamps). If you can find one, LCD monitors with fluorescent backlighting will be less expensive than LED displays because they have been around longer. However, it will be challenging to find a monitor with fluorescent backlighting if you’re a gamer seeking for respectable refresh rates and response times. These days, LCD monitors with LED backlights have nearly entirely supplanted them. 

What is an LED monitor?

The screen display technology known as an LED Display (light-emitting diode display) uses a panel of LEDs as the light source. When electrically charged, LEDs are semiconductor diodes that normally emit light at a single wavelength. Originally red, the probes can now produce a variety of colours depending on the material they are made of. For red and yellow, we employ aluminium indium gallium phosphide (AlInGaP). 

LED backlighting often offers brighter colours and sharper contrast compared to fluorescent backlighting. In comparison to LCDs with fluorescent backlights, the displays are smaller, thinner, and ultimately more energy-efficient. The most recent technology and the industry standard for monitors with high refresh rates and quick response times is LED backlighting. When you see LCD in a product description, it nearly invariably refers to an LCD monitor with LED (as opposed to fluorescent) backlighting. For instance, the EL2870U monitor from BenQ is advertised as an LCD, although it actually has LED backlighting. 

An overview of lcd vs led monitor gaming

We will see about the overview of lcd vs led monitor for gaming: 

Plasma displays were the type of display that were most frequently produced up until 2014. The LCD, however, then took control. Liquid crystal display is an acronym.But first, it’s crucial to remember that an LED also makes use of liquid crystals, so the term is a little deceptive. The correct term for a “LED monitor” is a “LED LCD monitor,” technically speaking.Having a game on any type of screen can be really enjoyable. But LED displays are more sensitive and have better clarity. They will increase screen contrast thanks to their ability to dim. Static image burn-in is more likely to occur on an LED TV. Games that include an ongoing HUD may have trouble with this issue.

The benefits and drawbacks of LED vs LCD monitors gaming provided below : 

Firstly let us talk about the pros of lcd : 

  • None: Right now, it’s unlikely to come across a good gaming monitor with fluorescent backlighting.

Now let us talk us about the cons of lcd : 

  • More energy is consumed when there is a shortage.
  • Has mercury in it, therefore at the end of its lifecycle it contributes to pollution.
  • Less contrast in graphics.

Pros of led will be discussed below : 

  • Modern gaming monitors are mostly LED, and they are widely available.
  • With no mercury, recycling is simpler.
  • Enhanced colour contrast and smaller monitor size.
  • Significantly less energy-consuming than monitors with fluorescent backlights.

Cons of led are discussed below : 

  • None until the next generation of improved display technology gets more commonly available. 

There are several distinct LCD vs LED monitor for gaming: 

Firstly we will discuss about LCD technologies: 

  • In Plane Switching (IPS) Panel Technology: In terms of colour accuracy, viewing angles, and image quality, IPS panels are widely regarded as the best available. 
  • Technology for Vertical Alignment (VA) Panels: IPS and TN technologies are both used in these panels. Wider viewing angles and greater colour quality are available compared to TN panels, but response times are slower. Compared to the other panels, they offer higher contrast ratios, but they also have a drawback called colour shifting, which is the uneven distribution of brightness across the screen. 

There are several distincts for LED vs LCD monitor gaming

There are numerous sorts of led technologies, including : 

Edge-lit and array-lit are two types of distinct LED backlighting. Monitors with edge illumination have lights along the edges. Then, the light is distributed uniformly across the screen using light guides. Lights behind the screen are arranged in an array in monitors that use this lighting technique. 

Difference between LED vs LCD monitor gaming : 

The basic differencences between the LED vs LCD monitor for gaming : 

  • The majority of the technology we use on a daily basis is LCD (liquid crystal display) technology. LCD screens are present in a variety of products, including smartphones, tablets, TVs, and smartwatches.
  • Smaller, thinner, and less energy-intensive LCD panels are available. Light-emitting diode (LED) technology was introduced second, after LCD technology. 
  • The technology that was previously available has been improved by LED. LED screens were developed by Samsung, according to legend. Virtually all TVs and monitors use them. 
  • LCDs use a single backlight that they distribute across a network of tubes. Light-emitting diodes that illuminate LED screens are dispersed throughout the screen. 

Which one is better LED vs LCD monitor gaming? 

The answer to LED vs LCD monitors gaming which is better for gaming is led

Here’s why,

LED monitors respond almost instantly when turned on; there is no need to wait for it to warm up thanks to their numerous backlights. 

The LED vs LCD monitors gaming that LED  screen’s ultimate benefit is that it is better than LCD for all aspects of gaming, including visual quality, smooth construction, and sizing options. 


In the end, it’s up to you to make a decision

It’s acceptable that everyone has preferences. LCD displays still provide good picture quality and last just as long if you can’t currently afford an LED display.

Discover what will work finest for your preferred game and spending plan by doing some additional investigation.