3 Best Skin Pack macOS For Windows 10

You will find hundreds of macOS skin packs available for your Windows 10 desktop. Well, we all know that macOS has the most simplest and yet most elegant look as compared to other operating systems. Hence, users often choose to try out these skin packs that add the same simplicity to their Windows 10 OS as well.

However, not every website on the internet is legit and has tons of ads listing these skins packs. To avoid this, we have created this guide with the best options we have tried ourselves that looks stunning and would be perfect for your system as well.

Best Skin Pack Mac OS For Windows 10

Here is a short list of the best skin pack macOS for Windows 10.

1. macOS Transformation Pack

The first on our list is the macOS Transformation pack. As the name itself speaks, it completely transforms your current Windows 10 skin into that of macOS. Here you will get the themes, wallpapers, login screen, icons, fonts, and everything else for a complete transformation.

macOS Transformation Pack

In order to install the file, simply use the download link and click on it. You will be given an unzipped file that requires a password. You can get the password from the official site of the skin pack and unlock the file. Once the installation starts, the system may restart multiple times to save the changes.

2. Rocket Dock

Rocket Dock

Next, we have Rocket Dock by Punk Labs. Well, it is a very popular skin pack for all Windows 10 users. It may not be exactly like macOS but very much similar to it. Once you download and install it on your system, you will unlock loads of features.

You will get a dock on your desktop where you can add up as many app icons to get to them with a single click. Just like the macOS dock, this, too, comes in very handy. You can add or even remove the ones that seem unnecessary. There are tons of customizable options available where you will get multiple sets of themes too to make it look as elegant as needed.

Simply make right-click on the dock and choose Dock Settings. Here you can make any changes you feel. If you are looking to save the Dock on the desktop permanently, simply go to the General menu option and check the box beside Run at Startup.

3. macOS Monterey SkinPack

If you are looking to give your Windows 10 operating system a brand new theme of the latest macOS Monterey, this is the skin pack you need to download now. Well, it runs even on your Windows 11 OS making it highly compatible.

macOS skin pack For Windows 10
macOS Monterey SkinPack

This theme gives you the themes, wallpapers, folders icon, files, fonts, dock, and everything you will find on a MacBook. You can make changes and customize the display from the Display settings itself. Simply add and remove the options from the dock itself by dragging and dropping the icons.

To download the skin pack, simply follow the official website. You can either get the free version that does not contain the icons or added features. Or else get the paid one with icons and other themes. To unlock the file after downloading, you can use the password skinpacks.com.


Here we are with a rather short but exclusive list of the skin pack macOS for Windows 10. The downloading and installation process is pretty simple and hardly takes a few minutes. You can even customize these skin packs to make a few changes as needed.