What Happens if Power Supply isn’t Enough for Graphics Card?

What Happens if Power Supply isn’t Enough for Graphics Card?

Graphic cards are one of the important part of the computer. It produces the visuals that appear on your screen  For a gamer smooth running of a graphics card is really Important. Lack of power can cause computers to display anything from mild signs like graphic degradation to blatantly extreme symptoms such as the inability to switch on. If the power supply isn’t enough for graphics cards that can cause disturbance and hamper the smooth running of games. Power supply also can cause harm to your computer if it fails to supply the computer with adequate power. If you want to know more about ” What Happens if Power Supply isn’t Enough for Graphics Card? ” then keep reading this article. 

What is a Graphics Card ? 

Graphics card is a computer hardware responsible for the high quality display. Computers commonly use two types: Dedicated graphics card and integrated graphics card. Dedicated Graphics cards are separated processors from the CPU. They have their own dedicated memory and they don’t share power from the CPU. These graphics cards use a lot of power to run. They are  expensive, but they are really powerful to do high level work. Integrated graphics cards share power between the GPU and CPU because they are in-built directly inside the computer.  These graphics cards use less power, they are not expensive, but also they are not powerful enough to play high quality games. 

Nowadays every computer needs a graphics card because it gives the computer the ability to do high-level work. They also increase the video memory of your computer. They are solely responsible for the video and image quality of your computer. For gaming and video editing graphics cards are very important. 

Power supply isn’t enough for graphics card

The graphic card is the computer component that consumes the second most power. Computers Graphics Cards typically use approximately 300 and 450 watts of power. Therefore, the GPU is the first device to suffer from a lower power supply. If you upgrade your graphics card without also upgrading your power supply, you’ll be able to tell that’s the case. 

But normally it’s hard to find the reason  of not having enough power supply for your graphics card. But when it occurs, the performance will drastically decline and the display will behave strangely. When you play a game or programme that uses a lot of visual resources, it becomes especially clear. Error pop-ups, erratic graphic performance, and a degraded display will start to appear. The screen could begin to flash, display dots and lines in inappropriate places, or completely go dark. The entire system may suffer if the graphics card’s power supply is insufficient.

Can My Power Supply Handle Graphics Card? 

You may need to start by looking up the power requirements on the graphics card’s box or official website.  The power usage is often expressed in Watts. You will thus see how many Watt units are required for the graphics card. In this manner, you can contrast it with the features of the electrical supply you currently use.

Your electricity supply needs to match if your graphics card has 6-pin or 8-pin output connectors. Some graphics cards receive their power via a direct connection to the motherboard. High-end graphics cards nevertheless use these power connectors to connect to the power source. For this reason, it’s advisable to start out with an electrical supply that accepts 6-pin and 8-pin connectors. Don’t put off power supply upgrades until after you update your GPU. Once more, you can check the manufacturer’s website to see if your energy supply and video card support power connectors.

Effect of Bad Power Supply for Graphics Card

Keep in mind that the power supply needs to be able to support all of the computer’s parts. Your graphics card won’t operate perfectly if the power source can only just slightly fuel all the components. Lower power supply can cause harm to your Graphics Card. That’s why the current and voltage of your source of electricity must be checked next. If the power supply isn’t capable of  distribute sufficient electricity to your graphic card it will hamper the smooth running of your computer. 

As a result, your performance will suffer. Checking your power supply has the potential to avoid major harm to the computer Graphics Card. 

Solution of bad power supply for Graphics Card

When the power supply isn’t enough for graphics card these are all the things you can do to solve it. 

Check the 12-Volt Rail

The 12-Volt Rail is used to distribute power to the graphics card. So it is necessary to check the amperage of the 12-volt rail. Commonly Graphics cards required minimum 30 amps. Your graphics card can’t be operated if your power supply’s 12-volt rail does not have enough amps.

Validation of Cable Connector

Make sure your graphics card is compatible with the connector type. Commonly most of the graphics card needed a minimum one six-pin PCIe power connector, but some graphics cards needed up to two eight-pin PCIe connectors.

Your Graphics card will not get enough power if your power supply doesn’t have the correct amount of connector. 

Update your power supply

This is the most simple straightforward way to solve the lower power supply for graphics cards. But it is too expensive to change the power supply with a new one. Upgrading your power supply with high wattage is another way to solve the problem. 

Underclocking your Graphics Card

This process helps you to reduce the power consumption of your graphics card by lowering the clock speed of the GUI and memory. This way you can find the perfect balance between enough power for gaming and doesn’t take much power. 


This is all about ” What Happens if Power Supply isn’t Enough for Graphics Card? “. For gamers, a graphics card is one of the important factors to run their games smoothly. Lower power supply can cause many disturbances during an important game or work. It causes random shutdown and rebooting of computers because of insufficient distribution of power. 

From these articles you find out that your power supply is capable for distribution of power enough for graphics cards. Finding a trustworthy power supply could require some investigation, but it will be worthwhile. Hopefully this article helped you to find what you’re looking for and answer all your questions.